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18 December 2017

Getting Ready For Christmas Parties

I do confess that I am a bit of a homebody these days.  In my late teens and well into my twenties I loved to go out dancing on the town with friends well into the wee hours.  These days, the comforts of home, a nice glass of wine (or three) and a movie and I am happy and content.

My ritual of getting ready for a night out used to be a many times replayed and rehearsed routine, ensuring that I had everything ready and in order to be able to go out and party.  I had my going out products, my favourite bags that held just enough of what I needed and jewellery that went with every outfit.

So when it comes to the Christmas party season I am a little bit out of practice.  This year I decided to get my act together and put together some things that I would need in advance.  Here is what I bought.

2.  Beverley Hills Perfect White Gold Toothpaste
4.  Collectif Lulu Hun Lou Sparkle Heart Bag
5.  Taking care of your skin -
6.  Miss Daisy Evening Handbag Brush

These of some of the items that I have bought to help me out with the Christmas season.  A stylish ring with a bit of bling (sorry about the rubbish poetry there); a new evening bag; a brush to fit inside it to tame my dancing party hair.  

My face and teeth also come into play.  All those Christmas drinks (red wine especially) can stain my teeth so I usually buy a new toothpaste to bring out a bit more sparkle.  My under eyes also get really dry when the weather turns cold so I often find that I need to redo my concealer mid way through a night out.

What do you normally buy to get ready for those Christmas parties?

27 April 2017

What Is In My Makeup Bag?

I have been clearing out my makeup box recently, getting rid of all the old or half used products that I no longer reach for regularly.  I thought that I would show you the products that is my core kit to use, some expensive, some cheap!

This is my makeup box.  I got it as a gift one Christmas.  If you have read this blog before you will know that I love anything that is Paris, so this makeup box is perfect for me.  It isn't too large which is helpful in that I do not splurge on makeup, but fits everything that I need.

The first photograph contains all the regular things that I use on my face.  I will list them below.

Foundation: Collection Illuminating Touch £5.99 - Superdrug

This is a new foundation for me.  I have been trying out a few, more expensive versions but this one goes on beautiful and has really nice illuminating quality.

Loreal Paris Lumi Magique Primer - £9.99

I really love this primer.  It goes on lightly and again, gives a really nice luminating quality.  If my skin is looking well, sometimes I just use this with a little powder on top and forego the foundation.

Loreal True Match face powder £6.99

This is a great face powder.  I use a huge brush to apply and a little goes a long way.

Benefit Fake Up Concealer - £18.00

This is really nice concealer that is hydrating and goes on really smoothly.  I use this under my eyes and dotted around my face.  I would recommend letting it set for a couple of minutes before you move on with your routine.

MUA Eyeshadow in Chestnut - £1.00

I use this product for my eyebrows.  I simply use a slightly damp small angled brush and use it to lightly fill in my eyebrows and slightly extend the line.  Far, far cheaper solution than the alternatives on the market!

Rimmel London Rock n Roll Nude from Kate Moss - £6.50 

I originally bought this lipstick as I wanted to try out a different colour from my usual red.  I was not happy with the shade on my lips so at first, it was regulated to the bottom of my make up box.  But then, I remembered a trick that I learnt recently when covering up bruises on my legs.

If you apply a pale pink lipstick over the bruise and then concealer, the bruise disappears.  It is like magic.  Remembering this trick, I wondered if I could use it to help with the occasional dark circles I get under my eyes.

I used the makeup hack this weekend when I was going to a class early on Saturday morning.  I had quite a few comments from people saying how alive and alert I looked.  Believe me, it was just the concealing trick.  I felt like a zombie! 

I would highly recommend it if you get dark circles under your eyes.

This second photograph has the more fun items of my makeup collection.

Benefit Dandelion Powder - £20.83 on sale at LookFantastic at the moment

This is a very well known product.  It is a beautiful rose colour with a slight shimmer that looks wonderful when used as a blusher.  Sometimes I sweep a light dusting all over my face.  It looks great when you have a tan and gives a lovely but subtle shimmer.

Loreal Volume Million Lashes £9.99 & Clinique Chubby Mascara £15.75

I love both of these mascaras.  They give great defination and you can achieve a lovely height with your lashes.

Barry M Natural Dazzle Bronzing Powder

I have had this product a while and upon Googling for the price, it appears that this product is now discontinued.  I really like to use it in the summer months for added colour but I think I may need to buy a new one!

Nars Larger Than Life Longwear Eyeliner £19.00

£19.00 is a lot to pay for an eyeliner, but it is the best that I have ever used.  This is a product I will always buy.  It goes on easily, like a small crayon and once applied, it lasts all day and in some cases when I go out and forget to take my makeup off (oops), all night too!

NYX Illuminator - £9.00

I like this product a lot.  A little goes a very, very long way so be careful when you apply it.  I like to sweep it on the top of my cheekbones and just under the eyebrow to highlight.  This is a great product to use for  night out, but I don't generally use it during the week at work.

MUA Eyeshadow Pallette - £4.00

This pallette has some lovely colours in the brown tone.  It also has a lighter colour which is great for highlighting under the brow,  I like the light browns and the gold tones.  I do not use eyeshadow too much, but this pallette is my go to when I go.

So that is it!  I hoped that you enjoyed the tour around my makeup products.  As you can see, I use products from the very cheap, to mid range and then the more expensive products like Nars.  The thing is, is to find the product that works best for you.  More expensive is not always better.

Do you have any beauty hacks that you use?

7 April 2017

What Ingredients Does Your Skincare Regime Need?

Anyone else feel completely confused about what skin care to buy these days? Especially when it comes to products specifically designed for anti aging.

Most advertisements for skincare products don’t tend to include a lot of detail. They’re often focused on the tactile benefits: how soft your skin will feel, how fine lines and wrinkles will be diminished. They rarely go into much detail about why these things are going to occur. On the rare occasion it does happen, the ad will tend to fling out the name of a chemical as if any potential consumers will have advanced degrees and know exactly how it’s going to make a difference to them.

Some of the chemical compounds you hear mentioned, flashing across the screen without any attribution as to why they are successful, are created solely by the manufacturers. It’s like you choosing two random ingredients from your kitchen, mixing them, then dubbing it “Ageicine” and claiming it can reduce the signs of aging.

Nevertheless, we buy the products because of the promises they make. Who doesn’t want smoother skin? To hold back the aging process for as long as possible? Improved skin texture glowing with good health on the back of these products? So we throw our money at them, not truly understanding what’s at the heart of their claims and - if we’re lucky - the success we achieve with them.

It’s not something we do often with other things. Most of the time, we’re discerning. We want to know what goes into our food, the calorific value, the number of fats, protein and carbohydrates that it contains. We’re careful to check the labels of the clothes we buy for washing instructions, too. We don’t just assume something, throw money at it, and hope for the best.

It’s natural to want to trust in the claims of the ad, the beaming face of the celebrity (who may or may not have achieved their look not through the blessings of the product, but kind lighting, the help of those such as Dr Jordan Rihani, and flattering makeup!). So we let ourselves believe based on literal but the claims themselves - and really, we shouldn’t.

What you actually need are recognized solutions and chemicals that have years of research behind them. So the next time you fancy splurging on a skincare purchase, go by your needs from the product and the subsequent compound you’re going to want to see is included.

I have been given some research with regard to what to specifically look for in a product dependent on what you are looking for and I have shared this below.

For Skin Brightening: Alpha Arbutin

If you have dark spots, acne scars, or just an uneven color across your skin, then look for products containing the synthetic bleaching agent Alpha Arbutin.

The term “skin bleaching” might sound problematic and worrying, so let’s allay some of those fears. Alpha Arbutin is not a skin bleach in the forms found in cosmetics. It’s not going to alter the pigment of your skin itself, but it will help to lighten any areas that are darker or more uneven than you would like.

I have a small patch of skin on my neck which is uneven in colour so I may try this out.

Look for it in concentrations of around 2% of the total product and use sparingly, only targeting the dark spots you want to lighten. It’s generally well-accepted and shouldn’t pose an issue to sensitive skin, but do a patch test first just in case.

For Skin Hydration: Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid acts as both a lubricant and a humectant, meaning it helps the skin to retain moisture. It’s present in many products from the budget to the luxury end of the scale, at strengths of up to 10% of the mix.

If you’re looking for a deep moisturizing boost, then there’s little better than this clever little acid. For the best results, use at night applied to a clean face. It will feel slightly sticky on the surface, so be prepared for that - and make sure you wash your pillowcase frequently! However, the next morning you should wake up looking plumped and suitably refreshed

For Fine Lines/Wrinkles: Retinol A

Finally one I have heard of! There is no doubt that anti-aging is at the top of the tree when it comes to claims about the efficacy of a skin product. We all know that prevention is better than cure, so it’s no surprise most of us are willing to throw money at the problem to stave off the lines a little bit longer.

Retinol A is the product to look out for above all others. It tends to be more expensive than the standard drug store choices, but then again, isn’t it better to spend on items that are actually going to work?

One word of caution: if you are using retinols, then it is imperative that you use SPF protection during the day (even if it’s cloudy out) and wear a hat too if possible. Without that, your skin could be more susceptible to burning, so look for makeup or day cream that can get you covered.

( Image Links: 1 / 2 / 3 )

*Collaborative Piece

5 April 2017

The Real Fountain of Youth

Continuing on with my current quest to find body and beauty tips to turn back time and stop me looking old, I have some new tips that I have come across within my research which I thought that I would share with you today.

While the fountain of youth may not be real, there are plenty of things that we can do and activities that we can incorporate into our lives to keep us looking young and healthy.

Fatty Foods Are Good For You?

Yes, it’s true but before you get carried away and head off to find the largest tub of ice cream, wait. It does depend on what type of fats you eat. Anything that is found in junk food, unfortunately, won’t help at all. Instead, you need to think about eating fats from sources like yoghurt or oils. Do this, and you’ll be giving your body the natural resource it needs to reduce inflammation and avoid some of the worse signs of aging. Specifically, like fish and nuts. Not being much of a meat eater, I have really been getting into fish lately, who can resist a lovely scallop?

A Little Yoga A Day Keeps The Ogre At Bay

Are you, like me, not a morning person? The kind who people stay away from until at least your third cup of coffee? Well, you might want to try an hour of Yoga each day. Yoga is brilliant because it’s a way to reinvigorate the body and the mind. Yoga is all about relieving tension and stress. Stress can have various negative consequences for the body from causing your hair to fall out to your body to bloat. With yoga, you can keep your mind clean and clear and your body healthy and young.

Anti Aging Creams Work!

You might scoff at the idea of using cream to stop aging before you even see the signs. Laugh if you must my friends, but they can be effective. It’s the equivalent of putting a screen protector on your phone before you smash it. You’re taking a preemptive strike against aging. The best part is that most of these creams use natural ingredients rather than chemicals. That means that these cream are good for you and you can see that by reading the amazing testimonials they have. I have been using an anti aging cream at night for a few years now and I think that it definately does help.

Wine? Now We’re Talking! Hurrah!

Yes, it’s true, according to research, the natural supplements found in red wine have beneficial anti-aging effects. Although, to get that effect you’d apparently have to drink about 180 bottles a day. On the plus side, you can get some benefits by drinking a small portion of red wine each day. Drink three ounces of red wine a day reduces the chance of heart disease and other health problems. It can even ensure the color stays in your skin for longer and we’re not talking about rosy red cheeks.

What do you think? Are you ready to try some of these clever ways to stay looking young?

* A Collaborative Piece

30 March 2017

Moringa Oil Review

Hey everyone!  I have a review today of a product called Moringa Oil.

Moringa Oil comes from the seeds of the Moringa Oleifera Tree. Moringa Oil is well known in the beauty and skin care industry for the many benefits that it offers.  The oil is a great moisturizer for the skin and also works as a disinfectant.  

The oil can also be used to treat acne and improve the overall condition of your skin, getting rid of blackheads and improving the look of scars.  It also works great as an anti-inflammatory so is great for massaging swollen ankles and knees.

I have been trying out the oil for two weeks now, using primarily on my face (although I have lent it to my mother on a few occasions also to massage her knees which suffer from arthritis).  In my mum's case, the oil helped with the swelling that she sometimes experiences and she said that oil sunk well into her skin without becoming greasy.

I decided to incorporate the oil into my daily skincare routine to see what differences it made.  I used my normal moisturizer in the morning (Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel) and then in the evening when I had taken my make up off, I applied a small amount of the oil to my face before I went to bed.

I have to say, I have been very impressed.  You need a minimal amount and once the product has been applied and massaged in which takes only seconds, your skin has a lovely feel to it and is not greasy as I would have expected. 

I have combination skin which can be dry as a bone in places when I first wake up in the morning to then later in the day the same areas of skin turn greasy.  I cannot win!  In addition, at my ripe old age of 38, the area around my eyes is usually puffy in the morning, creating wrinkles which (as yet haha) disappear after an hour.

I noticed the difference after the second day of application.  The puffiness was reduced, the patchy dryness which previously would mess with my foundation was gone.  It also seems to be helping to heal the burn scar I have on my face from being a little too over excited with my hair straightners.

Overall, I would highly recommended.  Moringa Oil costs £16.95 for a 100ml bottle that I would estimate would last you 2-3 months.  You can buy the product here  

*This product was gifted to me but all opinions are my own.

21 March 2017

Beauty Trends 2017

I recently wrote a blog about 5 Tips for Healthy Hair in your 30s.  This year I am on a bit of mission to change up and improve my hair care, my skin care routine and also my makeup and nail routines.

I recently came across the below e-book called Experts in Beauty which provides some tips for the new makeup trends and how skincare is improving and changing up.  There is some really interesting information in there which I will talk about further in the post.

You can enlarge the e-book by clicking on the top right arrow and scroll through the right slider.

When it comes to makeup, the matte look is gone.  Dewy skin and glossy lips are now coming forward, along with smudged eyeliner (which I am happy about being an eyeliner addict with a not too precise hand application!).

Eyebrows are still a fascination for many.  Going for a brow definition treatment is a great way of finding the right brow for you and microblading is becoming a go to for those who want long lasting perfect brows. 

I have always bitten my nails, right up to a couple of years ago.  Having finally gotten my nails to a decent length and getting some strength into them, I really want to play with different colours and techniques.

I have been getting my nail salon supplies from Ellisons to strengthen up my nails and get some good quality accessories to do my manicures and pedicures.  It has really helped in getting my previously ravaged nails back into shape.

Spring trends from the catwalks have had patterned nails, abstract art and using glitter but in an adult, classy way of just a small line along the cuticles which makes it look like jewellery for the nails.  I can't wait to try it all out!

What beauty plans do you have for 2017?

1 March 2017

5 Tips for Healthy Hair in Your 30's

When it comes to hair, we are never happy.  The blondes want to be brunettes, the brunettes want to be red heads; or combinations thereof.  The people with straight hair want it to be curly, the curly haired folk wish for straight gleaming locks.

I have always had very thick brown hair which has a mind and a personality all of it's own.  My sister, who is a hairdresser and therefore could tame it much easier, has quite fine hair.  Go figure. The picture below is probably a fair representation of me in the mornings.  Not much of a clue, just apply heat and pray to the hair gods.

Over the years I have done many, many things to my hair.  I have had streaks of all colours and have been a blonde, a brunette and a redhead; going back and forth when I got bored of the colour as I went.

In recent years the trends for hair colour has changed.  From balayage to ombre, grey hair to multicoloured.  All these different looks are amazing and can really show the style you want to portray and make your personality shine, just through your hair. 

Experimentation with hair colour is a right of passage in your twenties, but when you hit your thirties, your hair can pay the consequences.  Hair can become brittle and easily break from constant bleaching. It can even start to fall out as Kiera Knightley shared recently.

Our hair is not only at risk from over colouring.  When you hit your thirties, you are in your stride and often, this will be your busiest decade.  This is the time when you are really building your career and having children can come into play which can play havoc with your hormones and your hair. Undue stress can lead to problems with your hair thinning, and even leaving bald patches in your hair which is a condition called Alopecia Areata.  

But never fear!  A decade of bleaching your hair combined with a stressful lifestyle does not necessarily mean disaster.  I learned coming into my thirties that there are many things that you can do to take care of and maintain your hair so I thought that I would share a fair tips with you.

Protect from the Heat
Make sure to use a good heat protection spray each and time you style your hair.  There are also many shampoo and conditioners out there that can also help with heat protection.  I love the Aussie Take the Heat range.

Watch Those Split Ends!
Ideally you should aim to get your hair cut every 6-8 weeks to promote healthy hair with split ends at a minimum.  

Deep Moisturisation
I love using Coconut Oil in my hair once a week.  After massaging it into my wet hair for a few minutes, I wrap my hair into shower cap and either leave it for 20-30 if I don't have much time, or leave it overnight for ultimate moisturisation.  It really does make a difference and your hair after washing it out feels wonderful.

Wash Your Hair Less
Now I not suggesting that you walk around with greasy hair, but contrary to popular belief, you do not need to wash your hair every day (unless of course you have naturally really oily hair).  I wash mine every 3 days, usually having a ponytail on the third day or using dry shampoo if I am not entirely happy with how it looks.   The natural oils in your hair can help to keep it healthy and the longer you can leave between washes, the better.  I use the reverse hair wash method which has really made a difference.

Hair Replacement
Even you have bald patches or have developed Alopecia Totalis (total hair loss on the scalp), thankfully there are now treatments and procedures that you can undergo, such as a hair transplant which can restore your hair via donated hair that is then transferred to your scalp in a minimally invasive procedure that does not even involve sedation.

My hair will always be a beast that needs to be tamed.  Add rain or a muggy atmosphere and my hair can still turn into something that looks like a bush that you have dragged through a hedge.  But the most important thing is that my hair is now healthy and has a gloss to it that the incessant bleaching took away for so long.

Invest in your hair, it is the crown that you never take off.

*Collaborative post

16 February 2016

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Eyebrows

Eyebrows.  Ten years ago (the first time I was ever convinced to wax my eyebrows), I did not see what the fuss was about.  As long as you did not have a monobrow, the thought of colouring them in, shaping them and making them a part of my make up routine did not even occur to me.

Ten years now and eyebrows are a big business.  We wax them, we tweeze them; they are kept in place with gels and drawn over with pens and liquids.  Some of us even shave them off, to be replaced with a tattoo version (don't try that at home kids, remember, your face wrinkles as you age, so will the tattoo).

You can, and many people do spend a fortune maintaining their eyebrows and keeping up to date with the latest brushes, gels and products.  As for me, although I now love a well filled in eyebrow, I prefer to do the same on a budget; and without much time or effort involved.

While I like my eyebrows to be groomed, I still want a natural look and not tweezed within an inch of their life.  To maintain a natural line I use the Tweezerman Slant Tweezer

Here I am, sans makeup, ready to put my makeup on to start my day.  It is first thing in the morning so please excuse grumpy face.

 photo twe a_zpszogdhidx.jpg

I never put anything on my face in the right order (does anyone even know what this is?) but I always start with the eyebrows.  I use a slanted makeup brush which I bought from Superdrug (similar found here) and a £1 eyeshadow from MUA, which I find stays in place all day.

I simply fill in the eyebrows in, following the line and then I extend the eyebrow out another half inch with a thin line, which I find looks better on me as I have quite stumpy eyebrows otherwise.

 photo twe c_zpswsgejin5.jpg photo twe product_zpsxwug6phm.jpg

I never have too much time in the morning, I prefer to sleep, but eyeliner is my master and I must obey its rule.

 photo twe 3_zpsfmfhyo9g.jpg

Finally, here I am to start my day.  My makeup usually takes 5-10 minutes to do, the majority of time on that being eyeliner.

 photo twe 4_zpsrdkckp3d.jpg

Eyeshadow (for eyebrows) - MUA  £1.00
Eyeliner - Loreal Super Liner £6.99
Mascara - Clinique High Impact £17.50
Foundation: Rimmel Lasting Finish £6.00
Blusher - MUA £1.00
Strawberry lip balm - gift

21 July 2015

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

The image that we see in the mirror is different for everyone.  For some, we see clearly what we look like, for others, the image is distorted.  The reflection looking back is viewed through a filter of society's expectations and with that, our perception of the way we look changes.

I have spoken about this previously in my post The Image in the Mirror 

What particularly interests me however is the way in which that society filter disappears when we look at our friends and the ones we love.  We do not judge them by the way that society judges us, we love them for who they are and we appreciate their own beauty.  We do not see the so called imperfections that we see in ourselves.

I was chatting the other day to a woman that I know well.  She was telling me about a brilliant night out she had been on with some friends.  She then proceeded to show me a photograph taken of her with her friends saying "Look how horrible and fat I look compared to them".

I looked at the photograph and saw a gorgeous, happy, smiling woman. 

A thought then occurred to me and I asked her to tell me what she would think if she and another person saw a photograph of me and that other person commented how fat I was and how horrible I looked.

Immediate anger crossed her face and she said something along the lines of "Just let them say something like that in front of me!"

This, right here, is the most complex issue that needs to be dealt with.  Thinking it completely unacceptable to insult me, a woman much fatter than her, yet it was perfectly acceptable for her to act that way towards herself.

This does not just happen between my friend and I, it happens everywhere.  Women judging themselves, picking apart their appearances and hating themselves for the way they look yet also simultaneously knowing that such hate is wholly wrong.  Two exact forms of hate, kept in a perfect balance, until you point it out.

Contrary to the popular belief, I think that people need to look in the mirror more, not less.  Get comfortable with the way you look.  Take that selfie, take a thousand of them.  Embrace that face that is uniquely yours and recognise the beauty within it. 

Look at your body, remember how far it has taken you, what it helps to you accomplish every single day.  Look at the things that you love about it.  Aside from your mind, it is the most precious thing you have and will be with you your whole life.

There are no wrong features and there is no wrong way to look.  Our uniqueness is beautiful.  The red freckle on the end of my nose that I used to hate and cover hastily with makeup is now loved.  It is distinctive to me and a part of me. 

Start that love affair.  

25 May 2015

MayBeauty Incredible Face Mask Review

I have said it once and I will say it again.  I am not a beauty blogger.

My make up skills are adequate rather than expert, my nail painting skills are the "hope for the best" method (seriously though, how do they draw pictures on their nails with varnish, I'm convinced it's witchcraft) and my product applying skills are none existent.

I recently talked about my Lazy Girl Face Mask routine and after this, I was offered the opportunity to try out the Maybeauty Incredible Face Mask starter kit which includes 5 face masks and a brush as pictured below.

The face mask promises to:

The Mask removes dirt from your face while the guide prevents your skin to produce excess fat and dead skin cells, which are the cause of acne, blackheads and inflamed skin.
Given the approaching summer months and the need to give my skin a good overhaul I decided to give it a go.  The mask is black in colour and goes on easily with the brush.  You apply, leave it on for 30-45 minutes and then peel off.

Now, this is how the mask is supposed to look when applied:

This is how it actually turns out the clumsy girl way:

As it suggests in the guide they provide to you, ensure that you do not get the mask anywhere near your eyebrows or eyelashes as the mask will stick to them (note how I did not read the instructions properly from the picture above.)

One tip that I would definately recommend when removing the face mask is to have a damp cloth to hand.  You can peel the mask off however there is a definate sting to it, proof that it does actually remove everything that it promises, but water to the edges helps.

After removing the mask my face felt wonderfully soft, the few blackheads that had appeared on my nose had been removed and my skin felt refreshed and rejuvenated.  I intend to use the mask once a week in order to keep on top on it maintaining a healthy look.

The face mask is not tested on animals and is safe to use when pregnant.

You can buy the starter kit from Maybeauty for 19 pounds and if you use my code VickyFace30 you will save a huge 30%.

I would recommend the face mask to others and will continue to use it myself.

*This item was gifted to me, however all views, as you can probably tell, are my own!

5 April 2015

Lazy Girl Face Mask

Hello all!  I am doing something different on the blog today, something that I do not regularly do but when I find an amazing product, I want to share it!  So today, I am talking face masks.

When it comes to my skincare routine, I have to admit, I am horribly lazy.  I use *whispers* skin wipes.  I know you shouldn't, I know that they are not great for your skin but they are just so damn easy!

I have combination skin.  My nose and chin can get oily, whilst my cheeks and forehead sometimes would not look out of place in the Sahara desert for how dry they get sometimes.  Especially in Winter.  Before I discovered the magic, wonderous thing that is the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel I actually used to get dry flaky patches on my cheeks and forehead.  Irritating and not fun.

I have tried face masks in the past to give my skin a little oomph and a treat, but they have been few and far between.  The reason?  They are a pain!  You buy the leave on version and you practically have to submerge your head underwater to remove them or you apply the peel off, which as anyone knows does not come off in one go, or even five (if you are me).   

What I wanted was a face mask that I could quickly apply, leave on and practically do nothing with.  Then I found the Vitamin E Moisture Mask from +Superdrug which costs a frankly amazing £2.49 for 75ml.  

You apply like you would a moisturiser, but you do not need a huge amount, less is definately more.  Comparing it to my two pump use of Clinique I would say that around a 5-6 pump equivalent is more than adequate.  Here is how it looks when applied. 

So basically not a huge amount.  Just a medium coverage that you leave on for 15-20 minutes.  The mask sinks into your skin, leaving a very, very light residue that you simply dab with a tissue.  Here is how it looks after around 15 minutes.

The mask is meant to be applied 2-3 times per week and I have found that my skin feels wonderfully hydrated afterwards.  It is simple, quick and above all, easy.  It takes no time at all, no fuss, no messing about; no sink fulls of water and it something that I can do first thing in the morning when I am running on auto pilot with only basic brain function.

So my top tip?  Buy it!  Buy it now!  It is the lazy girl's perfect skin mask and does the job.