25 April 2017

We'll Always Have Paris

My plan over the next couple of years is to move out from living with my mum.  At 76 she is very independent and does not need me to look after her.  We have got through the last couple of years after losing my step dad and I feel that now is the right time for me.

I am (finally) sorting out the mess that my finances have been for last few years and now want to spend the next couple of years saving and planning for my future place.

Thanks to my not so great credit rating, buying a property is not in my future just yet, so renting is what I need to plan for.  The trouble is, how much of your own stamp can you put on a property that is not your own?

I have written previously about wall murals which is a great way to use wall space without changing wall colours or putting too many nails into the walls.  Furniture is also a great way to put your own sense of style into a property.

This leads with what I want in my future bedroom.  I want to feel like I am living in a Paris.  I have been collecting photographs of the kind of pieces I like and the styles that appeal to me, (alongside looking looking in the large charity shops that have donated furniture).

I love this vintage inspired rug from Cox and Cox which is a great size and will cover up any ugly carpet that the landlord decides to put in.

I absolutely adore this screen divider from Manomano  I know that I definately want some sort of screen divider in my future place, be it in my bedroom or sitting room.  They can be a great way of creating different spaces within the room and I particularly love this one.   

This dressing table set from HomesDirect is definately out of my price range, but I love the style and hope to find something along the same lines.

Finally, the bed.  I really love this bed from Oaks Furniture.  It is like a sleigh bed and with a really great mattress, I can only imagine the amazing sleep I will have.

I will also be checking out the British Heart Foundation as my local store is huge and holds some great items, from genuine antiques to newer pieces.

This a long term plan and saving will take a while.  Especially as I want to be able to afford a decent place in an area where I feel safe.  Also, I don't want to rely on hand me downs (although some would be greatly appreciated!)  This will my first place alone and I really want to stamp my mark on it.

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