5 April 2017

The Real Fountain of Youth

Continuing on with my current quest to find body and beauty tips to turn back time and stop me looking old, I have some new tips that I have come across within my research which I thought that I would share with you today.

While the fountain of youth may not be real, there are plenty of things that we can do and activities that we can incorporate into our lives to keep us looking young and healthy.

Fatty Foods Are Good For You?

Yes, it’s true but before you get carried away and head off to find the largest tub of ice cream, wait. It does depend on what type of fats you eat. Anything that is found in junk food, unfortunately, won’t help at all. Instead, you need to think about eating fats from sources like yoghurt or oils. Do this, and you’ll be giving your body the natural resource it needs to reduce inflammation and avoid some of the worse signs of aging. Specifically, like fish and nuts. Not being much of a meat eater, I have really been getting into fish lately, who can resist a lovely scallop?

A Little Yoga A Day Keeps The Ogre At Bay

Are you, like me, not a morning person? The kind who people stay away from until at least your third cup of coffee? Well, you might want to try an hour of Yoga each day. Yoga is brilliant because it’s a way to reinvigorate the body and the mind. Yoga is all about relieving tension and stress. Stress can have various negative consequences for the body from causing your hair to fall out to your body to bloat. With yoga, you can keep your mind clean and clear and your body healthy and young.

Anti Aging Creams Work!

You might scoff at the idea of using cream to stop aging before you even see the signs. Laugh if you must my friends, but they can be effective. It’s the equivalent of putting a screen protector on your phone before you smash it. You’re taking a preemptive strike against aging. The best part is that most of these creams use natural ingredients rather than chemicals. That means that these cream are good for you and you can see that by reading the amazing testimonials they have. I have been using an anti aging cream at night for a few years now and I think that it definately does help.

Wine? Now We’re Talking! Hurrah!

Yes, it’s true, according to research, the natural supplements found in red wine have beneficial anti-aging effects. Although, to get that effect you’d apparently have to drink about 180 bottles a day. On the plus side, you can get some benefits by drinking a small portion of red wine each day. Drink three ounces of red wine a day reduces the chance of heart disease and other health problems. It can even ensure the color stays in your skin for longer and we’re not talking about rosy red cheeks.

What do you think? Are you ready to try some of these clever ways to stay looking young?

* A Collaborative Piece

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