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21 April 2017

An Opera Affair

Life has certainly changed since this little boy came into my life.  Used to Yorkshire Terriers that loved nothing more than to sleep, Simba loves to play, cuddle with his mummy and have frequent walks.  We take him three times a day and he still has the energy to play with his teddy for a couple of hours in the evening.

I love taking him for a walk.  He trots away in front of me on the long lead, looking back every few feet to make sure that his mummy is still there.

On our usual walk we always pass a house that has a garage attached, with a man tinkering with his motorbike.  I am convinced he lives in the garage as I never see him out of it.

I always walk a little slower past that house because as he works on his motorbike, he is playing classical music full blast.  The kind that I love.  There is something about classical music that just speaks to me and stops me in my tracks.

One of my favourite pieces is Chopin, Nocturne No 2 which is a well known song, but I also like look out for more modern composers.  I discovered a man called Ilya Beshevli who you can find on Soundcloud.  What he can do with a piano just speaks to my soul.  His music, particularly "Snow Waltz" I could listen to for hours.  It brings me peace.

Music like that slows the world down for me and brings me calm.

The thing about classical music however is that I do not like to listen to it with earphones.  Music like that needs to fill the room and flow around it.   The thing is, all of my music is stored on my laptop.  I do not own any CDs anymore, nor have a stereo that can flood the room with music.  But yet, that is still too modern for me for this music.

What I want, and think that I am going to invest in some time in the next few months is a classic looking turntable.  I want to buy some classical music on vinyl and just sit, with a glass of wine and my eyes closed and listen.

Peace in your life and peace in your mind can be hard to find sometimes.  Classical music is my safe space and I am going to make this vision of mine come true.

What kind of music do you like to listen to?

9 January 2013

Music for Your Mood

I can never understand when someone says they only like one kind of music.  With the exceptions of heavy metal and country & western, I have fairly broad tastes in music.

I like having a collection of music which will suit my mood, or on some days, improve it!  I have “go to” songs for every mood, songs that guarantee a smile, songs to make you want to dance, songs that make you relax, everything is covered.

Here are my go to favourites:

Tired: anything loud with a good beat to wake me up and kick start my brain.  If I don’t fancy trawling through my playlist, my go to’s are usually Nothing Special by Ill Scarlett, Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit or anything from Green Day’s American Idiot album.

Good mood: good mood music for me, when I’m in a really good mood has to be music from the 90's.  Anything from For an Angel by Paul Van Dyk to Dreamer by Livin Joy is guarantee to keep a big smile on my face.
Irritable/sad/ticked off: Here is where my secret stash of cheesy music comes out.  You know it's terrible, you wouldn't admit to liking it in public, but everyone has a secret stash.  This morning Reach for the Stars, S Club 7 raised my spirits.  It's impossible not to smile. 
Relaxed: When I'm chilled out and relaxing, my go to music is usually from the 50's.  At Last, Etta James is one of my favourite all times songs and anything by Frank Sinatra.
Cover anything song: There a couple of songs that I play no matter what my mood, well more than a couple, but my favourites are Inside by Stiltskin and Super Massive Black Hole, Muse.
What are your to go songs?

1 October 2011

Your Music Mood

Music, the thing that you can sit back and listen to, dance to, cry to, use to uplift your mood and make your day a little better.

The thing I love about music is how it makes you feel.  How you can be in a bad mood, then the right song comes on and it completely lifts you out of the doldrums.  Songs hold your memories, you listen to them and it takes you right back to the memory of the time that you heard it.  Good memories, bad memories, memories you never want to forget.

Here are a (very) few of my favourites, some with an explanation of the memory I hold.  The first I will post the Youtube video here because it is so special, the rest are links to listen to if you wish…

Teitur – The One and Only

This song is one of my favourite memories.  This was the song my best friend walked down the aisle to on her wedding day.  We had all jetted off to Cyprus for the wedding, just 14 of us, all the best of friends.  Listening to that song brings me right back to that day, without doubt the happiest I have ever been for someone else.

Livin' Joy - Dreamer
An oldie (in relative terms) but again one packed full of memories.  A dance tune from the 90’s which takes me back to when I first started hitting the town when I was young(er).  The excitement of going to a club for the first time, hearing the music, it makes me smile every time I hear it.

No explanation needed, if you love punk rock music from the seventies, you will and probably already do love this.

The most painful song I own.  Nothing to do with the movie, this was the song my mum played at my dad’s funeral.  I rarely listen to it, but I could never be without it.

This song changed the way I thought when I heard it as a teenager, and now when I listen to, I realise how true it is.

A “get me of out of a bad mood” song.  I defy you not to smile when it plays.

It’s beautiful.  The video is not great,but I implore you, get the song.

Pure driving song, if you love to drive and this comes on the radio on the motorway, watch the speedo!

Well that is just a very few of the songs I love.   Enjoy!  I do not own the rights to any of the materials, right or songs above.