26 April 2017

Hair Care on a Budget

I have done so many things to my hair over the years.  I have been a blonde, a brunette and a redhead.  I have had very short hair, very long hair and everything in between.  I am lucky in that I can have my hair straight or curly, but the thing about all these different hairstyles and hair colours is that it can do damage to your hair.

I have had colour in my hair since I was around 15 and straightening irons have been a major part of my life for years.  Although my hair is very thick, it can be coarse and in summer for reasons that I do not understand, my hair falls out everywhere.  Good job I have a lot of it!

Here are some of the styles I have had over the past couple of years.

Hair care is so important.  There is a misconception that you have to spend a fortune on your hair products in order to maintain healthy hair, but it simply isn't true.  The important thing is to spend wisely and in the right places.

For shampoo and conditioner, I go to the pound shop.  Now I have always (stupidly) turned my nose up at things from the pound shop, but the truth is, you can get some great products for, surprising haha, a pound.

You still get your named brands, the only difference is that they buy them in when the expiry date is running out.  With things like shampoo and conditioner that you replace every month, that is not an issue.  At the moment I am using coconut oil shampoo and conditioner which is giving my hair a wonderful shine.

For heat protection and styling I use more expensive products, but they are still under £10:

I use the TIGI Catwalk Sleep heat spray to maintain healthy hair when I use my irons which I got from Cloud Nine.  This one is infused with lychee and honeysuckle which prevents moisture loss which is important for my coarse hair.

I also use the TIGI Bed Head Joyride Texturising Powder  This is a primer which you put on prior to using your irons.  It adds texture and grip which makes styling so much easier.

Finally, rather than using an expensive hair mask every month, I buy a thick moisture infusing conditioner, again from the pound shop.  I wet my hair and then apply a ton of it on my hair and then comb through,  I then put a wrap over my hair and sleep in the conditioner overnight.  After washing out the following morning, my hair feels wonderful!

What hair tips do you have on a budget?

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