8 April 2017

Your Fantasy Dinner Party

We have all played this game.  If you could host a dinner party and invite absolutely anyone, who would it be?

I have always found this game interesting as the people who you choose says a lot about you as a person.  You can choose anyone whom you wish, alive or dead so there is a plethora of people to choose from.  But which ones?

I imagine a large dining room.  Nothing too formal, a round table which means that everyone can talk to each other.  Quite a few different, small, courses so that you are not eating one big meal.  Alcohol flowing.  The meal reaches the dessert course and the wine has been flowing all night.  People lose their inhibitions and speak freely.  Who would you want to talk to?

My first invitation would be:      God.

Now.  The people who know me, know that I am not a believer.  So my invite would answer the question if he/she existed at all.  Hey God, do you RSVP?  Secondly, can you imagine the questions that you could ask?  

My second invitation would be:       Eddie Izzard

I am not a big fan of comedians but I love Eddie.  I love his thought process, his passion and very strong sense of self (although not a great fan of how he chooses to promote his political opinion.  I agree with many of his stances, I just think he goes around it the wrong way). 

Eddie came out as a transsexual in 1985.  The way he speaks about his gender identity is so simple, that it makes you wonder how anyone could misunderstand:

“If you look at a tiger, you go ‘ooh, tiger!’, we don’t go ‘girl tiger’ or ‘boy tiger’. We are obsessed by the genders because we grow up in one gender or another. No other animal is obsessed by our gender – they don’t give a monkeys about our gender.
“No matter what sex or sexuality, how you self-identity, or who you fancy, matters not one whit – what do you do in life? What do you make? What do you add to the human existence? That’s what’s matters."

My third choice would be:        J K Rowling

Her first Harry Potter book was published in 1997, although I do not remember coming across the books until probably the early 2000s.  She created a world so complete and so intricate that it drew in both children and adults alike.  Although I love to write, I could never create a world of fiction as completely as she did.  Plus, she absolutely rocks on Twitter.

My fourth choice?          Marilyn Monroe

 Ah Norma Jeane.  She was famous for playing the dumb blonde characters in films, but she was so much more complex than that.  She was a wonderful comedic actress with perfect timing, coupled with suffering depression and anxiety.  The circumstances behind her death will always be a mystery, but she has always fascinated me and always will.

My fifth choice?       Stephen Fry

The man is a British institution.  No fantasy dinner party would be complete without him.

My sixth and final choice?    Millicent Fawcett

Elected president of the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies in 1890, she complained all her adult life for not only equal rights for women but also abolition of the slave trade.   She died one year after women gained the equal rights to vote as men did.  I can only imagine how extraordinary she was.

That would conclude my dinner invitations, although they could be endless, as I would like my dinner table to hold seven, my lucky number.

Other people who would have made the list (in no particular order)?  Samuel L Jackson.  Caitlin Moran.  Cleopatra.  Russell Brand.  Roald Dahl.  Maya Angelou.  Anna Kendrick.  Winston Churchill.  Abraham Lincoln.  Will.i.Am. Eleanor Roosevelt.  Robin Williams.

Who would you invite?

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  1. My fantasy dinner party would be simple, I'd just invite you Vicky Frankland. We'd have engaging conversations about anything from the subject of God down to dreams. Nothing would be off limits topic wise almost like a game of Russian Roulette. No need for alcohol as we're going to be brave and the reason I wouldn't invite others is because I like to give one deep interesting person such as your self all the attention you deserve. Only I'm not going to eat too much as when I'm excited, I tend to be too preoccupied as I would be to be in your company. A nice dinner with you would be a treat in itself.


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