24 April 2014

Today's Work OOTD

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Manchester pop up shop arranged by +Marisota where I had a look at their Shapeology collection and Mark Heyes was also there with his gorgeous Ava Collection.

I tried on various outfits while I was there (see my previous post Marisota Pop Up Shops) but the one I was thinking about when I got home and decided to get, very surprisingly for me given that I am a dress girl through and through, was a pants and top combination.

I am loving the printed trousers that are everywhere at the moment and I am drawn to anything with a beautiful cobalt blue colour so here is my outfit which I was wearing today at work.

Necklace - Primark

* I was gifted a voucher for Marisota with which I purchased the above noted items.


  1. Love the trousers. You have a good set of pins lady x

  2. You look fabulous! Cobalt blue is so your colour! xx

  3. Very nice Vicky, I love them both. HOW steep is that hill behind you?! xx

  4. You look amazing Vicky I love this combination. Cobalt is absolutely your colour :) xx

  5. Ohhhhh I love this outfit! I tried on those trousers and they didn't suit me at all, but are perfect for your shape xx

  6. The cobalt blue looks lovely on you! You look amazing! :)


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