4 April 2014

All Bets Are Off

Well it is time for my annual get on my soap box rant about the Grand National.

Here is last year's and I am saying much the same this year. 

Animal Aid have been tracking the deaths of horses during racing since 2007 and incredibly, there have been 1089 deaths since they started their record. 1089. That’s 3 a week. That’s just in Great Britain alone. With horse racing all over the world that figure is in fact much much higher.   
Their findings are available for all to see, with the date, name of horse and the injury which caused them to be destroyed. Here’s the link for you to see for yourself.
The jockey chooses to enter the sport. He trains with the horse, rides with the horse, chooses to enter an event with the horse. The horse? Well he just likes to eat, sleep and run for fun.  He's a pack animal.

The horse can’t be briefed for the race ahead.   He doesn’t know how many fences there are, how high they are, how many people and horses are going to be jostling around him for places. He doesn’t know the fact that if he falls, he will more than likely be destroyed because he is then “useless”.  He also doesn't know that if he falls, his broken body will be merely called an obstacle (as happened two years ago at the Grand National) by commenters. 
You will either bet or you won't.  All I am asking is that you look at the link, read the information and then make your decision. 


  1. Hi Vicky, great post, I hate all that kind of stuff, so cruel to animals, it's one of the things that really shocked me about the english culture (fox hunting, horse racing, pidgin shooting,etc), I was already against any form of animal cruelty in Spain (bull fighting is the most horrendous thing ever) but I thought England was going to be so much forward and already banned all that type of activities... x
    PS: i hope nobody gets offended by my comment, but it was shocking to realise about all this stuff, on the other hand never seen a country like England that has so many charities helping animals like the RSPCA, Blue Cross, RSPB etc etc x

  2. I'm so shocked at the figures. I knew there were a lot of deaths in horse-racing, but I never imagined them to be so high. I don't know how so many people can justify abusing animals for sport. Sport! What's entertaining about racing living, breathing animals to death?? Nothing. It's about time measures were put in place to protect those poor horses. xx

  3. I love you for writing this. xx


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