22 April 2014

Cyclones in the Head

I think that today is going to be a sorting my head out post.  I haven’t done one of these for a while but I find that for me, it is the best way of channelling my thoughts and problems into some sort of order.
Some people write diaries, some people talk to a counsellor, some people (like I used) bottle it up; this is the way that works best for me.  So here goes.

My head is currently mush.  Literally, if you looked inside my skull you would see something resembling apple sauce because there has been that much in there lately that I think my brain might have exploded under the pressure.

I have learnt by past experience that I cannot just file away things without dealing with them; I am and have to be more careful with myself these days.  It is all about sorting through and dealing with things one by one rather than shoving everything in a box and ignoring.

One of my good traits is that I am organised.  When everything is in its place and I know what is happening around me, the world becomes a better place.  That is what I need to do.  Organise my thoughts.

When you have a better understanding of your tolerance limits, when you know what takes you down a dark road and you recognise when you have a little more on than you can handle; you also know that it is better to deal with rather than avoid.

Today for example.  I was sat at work this morning and the thoughts in my head were whirling around like a cyclone. I got myself into such a state that I was practically in tears.  That is why I am writing this now, I put myself under a mental stop sign to take a minute and breathe.

In reality, I can cope with everything that is happening in my life at the moment.  I just need to acknowledge it all. 

I am worried about illness in a family member, but I can’t change outcomes, only support.  I am supporting another with their worries, but have to remember to also support myself.  My confidence has taken a nose dive, but it will be back.  My sense of life direction is spinning, but it will refocus.   My work life is changing and I’m not sure on the direction, but I will be.  There is a tiny knife in my back that I didn’t realise was there, but now I see it, I can steel myself to it.

I feel better for writing this.  It doesn’t change anything but it helps just to refocus.  People ask why you would hit “publish” on a personal post, but I find that by posting it, it helps to keep me on an even keel. 

Fashion, rants and daily thoughts will resume tomorrow!


  1. Hugs hon. Putting things out there is definitely a great way to order your thoughts. I, like you, write to see how I feel. I hope your brains return to their normal brain-y state soon rather than apple sauce. :) x x

  2. I think that purging all those thoughts in our heads on to paper or screen can really help us to process those feelings and lift a weight off our shoulders, whether the words are shared or kept private. It always works for me. I'm sorry that you're having a difficult time of it at the moment, and I hope that things start to look a little brighter very soon. xx

  3. Go for it! Let it all out on the page - you sound like your coping really well with lots of things going on around you, but I know it's how you feel you are coping that matters. You are much stronger, you can see this will all pass soon enough. Be strong, take the time for you & you always know I am just at the drop of an email if you fancy a rant to a person rather than the www Clare x


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