22 April 2014

Summer Sandals

We are speedily getting to that point of year (crossing fingers and toes as I type) when we need to start thinking about breaking out the summer sandals.

I tend to replace my summer sandals each year, mainly for the reason that I fall in love with new ones every time.

What I want from a summer sandal is a simple style, something that can take me from day to night if needed; comfortable and preferably with a small wedge to it.  With that in mind, this year I have decided to go for the Low Wedge Sandals from +Fashion World   They come in both black and gold and have a lovely sparkle to them.

After purchasing the black pair I also decided to go for the gold pair also.  They are ultra comfortable and come in different width fittings to make sure that you get the perfect fit.

What sandals are you wearing this summer?


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  2. I love sandals, I can't wait to wear mine, you know what I find essential? the ankle strap otherwise they are no good for me x

  3. I really like those! They look simple but chic. I love wearing sandals and would live in them all year round given half the chance! xx

  4. These look lovely - I also need to buy new each year as once I find something comfy I'm in them all summer even been caught in rain many a time!


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