1 April 2014

Emotionally Correct?

I was watching a video from Huffington Post with Sally Kohn who was talking about emotional correctness and I found what she was saying really interesting.

When it comes to political correctness, many people are now habitually correct in the words that they use, but what I have come across on many occasions it that the meaning behind their words is hollow.  If you don’t actually have any foundation or belief behind your words then it doesn’t matter how politically correct you are.
Being politically correct without the emotional attachment to it is pointless.  You shouldn’t have to try to be politically correct; this is something that you should already be.  Saying the right thing because you might get in problem isn’t the same as feeling that way.
Being emotionally correct to others can sometimes be hard, or it can be when you are particularly passionate about a subject and someone disagrees.
I confess that I am guilty of becoming angry or close minded when someone has the opposing view to mine, particularly for example when it comes to the rights to a woman’s body.  I am very much pro choice in a woman’s right to have an abortion and this is something that I have been fervent about on many occasions. 
I can find it hard to acknowledge the other person’s point of view when it comes to things I care about deeply and this is something that I am most keen to rectify within myself this year.  Everyone has a right to their opinion and should not be shouted down. 
Having a calm discussion with someone of opposing views to your own is always the thing to aim for.  Problems are never resolved by who can shout the loudest nor can viewpoints be taken seriously or considered when they are laced with sarcasm and ridicule.
My new resolution for this year (yes, a little late) is to really listen to people when they have a differing stance to myself.  How do you really know how to properly feel about a subject until you have heard all of the contrasting arguments?
Just something that is floating around in my head at the moment.

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