27 April 2014

Sail Away With Me

Being a typical Pisces, most of the time my head is in the clouds as I dream of being in far off places so when I was contacted recently by MSC Cruises and asked to envision myself on board the MSC Splendida, experiencing cocktails, dinner with the Captain and dancing, it wasn't hard to do.

I have always wanted to go on a cruise ship. When I think of a cruise ship experience, my mind immediately takes on a theme of splendor and romance. I think of elegance, dining at the Captain’s table; waltzing around a dance floor; black tie and beautiful dresses.

Considering that I dress up every single day, the thought of dressing for dinner is one that greatly appeals to me. I can think of nothing better than a beautiful dinner, a night of dancing and then gazing at a star filled sky with a glass of champagne in my hand.

The question that immediately springs to mind when I think of this is: what would I wear? You want something comfort enough to sit down for dinner, elegant but not severe; something you can foxtrot around the floor in and above all: something that stands out from the crowd.

I was given £150.00 in order to put together my dream outfit which I decided that I wanted to be a mix of modern and vintage, seamlessly blended together, just like I think a cruise ship experience would be.

Shoes - +Simply Be 
Necklace - Jewelry boutique
Bracelet - 1950's French jet bead necklace


  1. You've hit the nail on the head with this outfit. It is lovely looks comfortable but elegant enough for the captains table :). The jewellery is gorgeous as are your shoes :) xx

  2. Oh what fun! When will you be going on the cruise?

  3. LOVE IT! You're like a 50s pinup princess. The MSC cruise would be spectacular! xxxx

  4. You look amazing - perfect for a cruise x

  5. Such a pretty dress on you and I love the necklace! x

  6. You look fabulous! The captain would definitely ask you to join him for dinner in that frock! It's a beauty. xx

  7. Looking fabulous! I love the dress and shoes. x x


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