30 April 2014

Kaleidoscope Shift Dress

In line with my blog post yesterday which highlighted some of the improvements I wanted to make to my blog, I am going to try and post more fashion posts.

With that in mind, today I have for you the Printed Ruched Front Detail Shift Dress for you from +Kaleidoscope UK.  This is the first time that I have bought from this website but I was lured by the on sale section and bought myself snapping up this dress which I got for the bargain price of £22.50.

One particular bugbare I have are the amount of dresses that you purchase that look like great quality, only to find that when you hold them up the light, you can see straight through them.  Happily the material on this dress is good quality and is lined, but without that constricted feeling you can sometimes get with lined dresses.

I am 5ft4 and for me the length of 39 inches is just perfect.  The pinks, turquoises and yellows look vibrant against the black background but without making it look tacky.  I was happy wearing this all day at work and was really comfortable.

What are you wearing at work lately?


  1. Loving the colours in the print, would you say the dress is true to size? X

    1. Hi Sally, yes I would say that it is true to size. A little extra room perhaps but just enough so that the inside lining isn't too tight. x

  2. Oh, I love this dress on you! The shape is so perfect and the colours are fabulous. Great choice! xx

  3. Love the shape on you the pattern really adds to it drawing eyes in - love that you wear dresses to work - my uniform just isn't as comfy or as glam!

  4. You look fabulous in this dress it was made for you- I think I need to go and have a mooch on their site! x


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