12 April 2014

Styling Plus

Foreword: This is a competition entry, but as ever, I am saying what I think, unedited!

La Redoute are giving two bloggers the chance to be ambassadors for a year and also a a trip to Paris.  What is not to love about that?  They have asked us to write about fashion and give a styling tip.

Now, if a friend or someone you knew asked you for styling tips, what would you say? Would you suggest colours for them to wear or perhaps recommend shapes that might be flattering to their figure? Maybe if you are playing it safe, you can go with the mainstay of “You can’t go wrong with a little black dress” – which is of course very true!

If someone had asked me a year ago for styling tips I would not have had a clue where to start, but now; my thought process when it comes to clothes has changed.

My tip for styling yourself? When choosing an outfit, forget for a moment that it is yourself that you are dressing.  Pick up the items that sings to you from the hanger.  Choose the dress that you love so much that you can stop thinking about it.

Ignore the fashion rules

Below I have shared three photographs of styles that "the rules" tell me I shouldn't wear.  Stripes, a busy pattern and a high neckline.  I love wearing each of these dresses and I think that this shines through, more than if I had been playing by rules dictated to me because of my size.

Fashion should be about what you love and what makes you happy.  That is my styling tip.  Take yourself out of the equation, choose what makes you smile and that as Tim Gunn says "Make it work!"

This a competition entry for La Rodoute.


  1. Great styling tip! You can see your love of clothes in your posts - you would be a great ambassador! Good luck

  2. Great advice! Good luck! xx


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