3 September 2013

My New Favourite Thing

I thought that I would quickly share my outfit which I have worn to work today.  You have seen the fox print dress before (which can be found at +Very.co.uk ) but what I really wanted to show you was my new necklace which I found from Etsy.

I love all things that are from Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz.  This is the first of my necklaces that I have bought from Etsy recently, I will show you my Wizard of Oz necklace in another post.

Here is a close up of the necklace
If you want one for yourself, you can find it here at Etsy
What have you been buying recently?


  1. Awww … so lovely. The dress and also the necklace. And I love your new blog header. :)

    ♡ Mel xoxo

  2. I actually wore this dress again today, as well!! I can't stop wearing it, it really is the best dress ever. You look stunning in it, and I love how you've dressed it here. I'm loving the necklace, too! xx


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