10 September 2013

Vlog! 10 Blogger Questions

I have recently seen both the fabulous Nikki and also Leah do this vlog challenge so I thought that I would do one too.

I didn't have the hindsight not to do it after a long day at work so I am a bit "off".  Sorry about that!


  1. Yay, great video! Firstly, I really love that dress! You weren't rambling at all and did a great job since you were so tired. Yes, the school uniform thing - it's hard to get over! I know you really suit red so I reckon burgundy might suit you too. I can't wait to see Emma's answers. x x

    1. I think it is the first video I've just where I just relaxed too, which is a good start. Think I may have the bug and want to do more! x

  2. Finally found some time to watch this vlog, and I loved it! I don't think you were rambling on, either; it was just like you were chatting amongst friends. I think you'd look fab in the tartan Pink Clove dress. (It's got quite a lot of stretch, and isn't too short, FYI. Normal size should be fine). My school uniform was burgundy, too, so I hated the sight of that colour until a couple of years ago. I love it now, though, and I think you'd look fantastic in that colour. It works well with dark brown hair. Oh, and I also love the They're Real mascara xx


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