4 September 2013

Creative Corner 3

The creative writing prompt was very short this time - just two words:

A Step

You know that saying "Every journey starts with a single step" ?  Well not to be disagreeable, but I believe that every true journey starts with the second step.

The first step is done hesitantly, with caution.  You can, and frequently do take the step back.  From the simplest thing of reading the synopsis of a book before you start reading it to choosing a different path that your life will take, that first step is always an exploratory one.

You may make hundreds, if not thousands of those first steps in your life.  A quick decision that you instantly change your mind on, an idea that you want to carry out but are still unsure; the new direction you want to take, but don't yet have the courage for.

The second step however, that is decisive.  You have made the choice, committed to it and you are going forward.  The second step is the one that is the hardest to take.  It shows that you are resolute in what you want, and you are going after it.

No one remembers the first step.  But the second, where the real action takes place, that is where the interesting things happen.


  1. Very nicely written - and very true! x

  2. I think there's a lot of truth in this beautiful piece of writing xx

    1. Thank you, it means a lot to me to put this sort of writing up here so am glad that you like it xxx


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