12 September 2013

To the Galaxy and Beyond!

I sometimes think that choosing your mobile phone is as hard a decision as choosing the right place to live, or the right person to be with.

You need something that is going to fit you well, have functions or quirks that are compatible with you and something that you are going to be able to spend the next two years with.  It's a hard choice when you think about it.

Here is where I am stuck.  I currently have a Blackberry Bold 9900.  I adore it.  Well, I say that, but what I mean is that my heart adores it, but my head knows that it isn't the right match for me.  I have said as much about people in the past.

I love the keyboard and it is an idiosyncratic little thing; it fits my personality well in that respect.  I don't care that it isn't the most popular phone on the market, or that some people laugh when I say I have one, they can bugger off quite frankly.  It's my baby and I love it.

But.  There is a but here.  It isn't suited for what I want.  For that, I need either a Samsung Galaxy S4 or a Note 2.

So here is what I came up with.  I am writing down everything I need from the phone and will see if it takes me to any sort of decision.

Minutes - unimportant, I rarely use more than 60 minutes a month.
Texts - need unlimited.
Apps - must have the Blogger app.

This is an important one.  My home broadband situation is that I am on a mobile dongle.  This isn't about to change anything soon which means that I am stuck with 3 gigs of internet usage available there.  I need a phone with a larger screen that is going to be more useful for a more prolonged internet usage and with that, I need more than just the 750mb I currently have on my plan.

I am veering towards the Note 2 at this stage, but we will see what I think when I get hold of them both in the shop.  This is of course only if they manage to wrestle my beloved Blackberry from me....

Sorry by the way for wittering on about phones on here.  I was going to do a regular list offline, but when I blog I feel like I am talking at the same time which makes it a little more of a fun process!

Here's something funny to make up for it:


  1. Ah someone who also still has a Blackberry! I've got a Blackberry Curve, I've owned for 2 and a half years. I loved it at the time, but it's so dull compared to the new shiny smart phones. Plus it freezes and crashes all the time! Luckily I also have an iPod touch, which does all the things an iPhone does... without the phone part. Happy phone shopping! xx

    1. I love it so much, but it is going to have to go. Unless I keep it purely for playing music on my way to work, if I get the Note it will never fit in my pocket! x

  2. I´m not familiar with the Note so this is clearly a biased opinion, but so far the Galaxy phones have been the best of the best for me. I started with the Galaxy Young and now got the Galaxy S3 (the S4 is way up my affordable range right now). It has great reception, memory and features, and most apps are available for the Android version they carry.
    Btw, I totally get what you mean about it being one of the bigger decisions you make -I´ve been know for taking over a month of checking and re checking before getting a new one.

    1. Thanks for the comment, I am veering a different way to go every day at the moment. Luckily I still have some time yet to choose. Getting ahead of myself! x


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