17 September 2013

Fell in Love with a Girl

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am completely besotted with the Mary Jane style of shoes.  They hold a tiny, permanent place in my heart and I have lots of different varieties. 
I wanted to show you a new pair that I originally bought for Plus North for my stint of modelling (still feeling do a little "Eeeeek!") when I say that.  Unfortunately due to a prevailing swollen ankle, I couldn't even fasten them up and they had to stay in my suitcase.
Today though, my swollen ankle is gone (hopefully for good!) so I am working the edgy librarian look today complete with below the knee butterfly print dress, purple tights and my new Mary Janes which I bought from Clarks.

I love the mixture of patent leather and suede and they are the perfect height for work.
Here are my new lovelies!


  1. They are so lovely. ♡ And you look gorgeous in that dress. :D

    ♡ Mel xoxo

  2. Ooh I love Mary Janes and those are lovely. Your dress is absolutely beautiful on you, too xx

    1. Thank you Louise :) I like the dress as I can match different coloured tights to it. x


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