27 September 2013

What Would You Pack?

A fire is coming.   Assuming family & pets are already out of the house, what would you save if you only had five minutes?

First would be the irreplaceables. 

My photograph album filled with photos of my childhood with my mum and dad; my mum’s diamond cluster ring that my dad bought her; the old teacups and saucers with the dark red rose pattern that my mum has had since the age of 19.


I couldn’t bear to part with any of the above and would be devastated if they were to be lost, especially the photographs which are the most precious thing that I own.

Then, the non essential essentials:

Internet dongle
Mobile phone & charger

I figure by that point I would be left with around a minute so I would quickly throw a change of clothes into a carrier bag and I would be out of the door.

If you gave me an extra five minutes I would pack my clothes in a case as below:

Black long boots
Black Mary Jane Shoes
As many dresses as I could fit in a bag!
Another coat



  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks about saving their laptop! I'd grab mine to save all my photos and music that I've stored on it because I couldn't possibly gather that much stuff physically in time. Photos and old letters would be my main priorities. xx

    1. My laptop is my baby, definately need to save it!

  2. I would grab my father's 23rd Anniversary wedding cup he gave to my mom. It is a 19th century Victorian silver goblet. I loved the sentimental value so I that would go first and I would have 4 minutes to get my laptop. With 3 minutes to spare next would be as many framed family and friend photos I could hold. Only 1 minute left a hand full of tops and undies! Phew put out the fire.

    1. The sentimental pieces are the most important as they are a piece of you and your family's history. x


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