26 September 2013

New Horizons

 I am a bit of scaredy cat sometimes.  I like to have some sort of a structure that I can work within and I prefer to have a plan.  Without them I get nervous and a bit overwhelmed.   

I am not a fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal, but I’m not obsessive about arranging things either.  As long as I have a point A that will eventually get to an arranged point Z, with the occasional point of reference in the middle, I’m ok.

Whilst these tendencies can be muted a little when in a group of friends, when I am alone it does become a little more compulsive.  This leads to my saying no to things that I actually really want to do, but are too scared to do them.  

But things are changing.  I am starting to say yes to the things that scare me, and wonderful things have happened as a result.  Over the past few months I have been a model at Plus North and now I am going next week to a fashion event in London on my own.  Neither of which I could have dreamed of doing this time last year, hell, even six months ago.

I got an email through last week from Marisota asking me if I would like to attend an evening where their new designer Mark Heyes is showing his new collection for them.  Usually I would see the word London and immediately say no.  A million problems instantly speed through my mind, giving me reasons why I shouldn’t go.

You don’t know anyone
How will you get there?
How will I find my way in London?
I’ll never be able to navigate the tube.
What if I get lost?
They’ve asked you by mistake
You can’t afford it
What if I miss my train?
What if I don’t fit in the clothes?
What if they don’t like me?
I’m scared


Enough with the what if questions.  They are not asking me to circumnavigate the globe; they are asking me to go to London for something tremendously exciting.  I get the train; I go to the event; I stay over and I go home.  It really isn’t that complicated.

I said yes.  I am so very excited and yes, very nervous and a little scared.  But I have my planning head on now; I have my train times; where I am staying; where I need to be.  I've even bought myself a travelcard so I don't need to rely on taxis. I will be fine*

There will be a post blog after the event of course and can't wait to have some adventures in London.  Am even regretting now that I didn't arrange a later train back!  By the way, if anyone reading this is going to the Marisota Mark Heyes event, give me a holler!  Would be great to see a friendly face!

* This does not mean I will not be live tweeting if I get a bit panicky and need to vent.  You’ve been warned.


  1. I can really relate to this, I always end up convincing myself something's going to be really complicated when in reality it's usually fine. I am from greater London so I am sure you will absolutely fine getting about, I love it there. The tube is really well sign posted, but if you get on the wrong train it's shouldn't be a problem as they are usually very regular (in peak times they come every 4-6 mins). I hope you have a great time :)

    1. You were right about the tube, very easy to follow. Loved London xx

  2. It's amazing how much confidence blogging can give! I've come along way since I began my blog, too, but I can definitely relate to this a lot. It's fantastic that you've had some amazing opportunities, like modelling at Plus North, and I'm sure your trip to London will be another great experience for you, too. You're bound to meet other bloggers you 'know', or just friendly bloggers in general, so I'm sure once you're there you'll be at ease and have a ball. Once you get used to London, it's really not so scary. I'm crap at working out which line to go on on the tube, (my sisters can navigate it in a split second) so I have to stop and think, but as soon as you're on the train it's so simple. There's always someone to ask if you're not sure where to go. Commuters are always whizzing past so it's best to be fast paced. Just make sure to wear comfy shoes and something you're not going to roast in because it's always boiling on the underground. Always. If you have some time before going home, you should check out Covent Garden and / or Camden which are great for shopping, food, and exploring. Just make sure you have lots of fun and enjoy every moment! xx

    1. Hi Louise! I didn't get chance to check out anywhere else unfortunately but took your advice and wore comfortable shoes for the tube. All went well! xx

  3. I totally know where you're coming from I don't like not having a plan either.
    I bet you'll have a great time and thoroughly enjoy it and you'll meet new people. It'll be great you'll see. Xx

    1. Had a fab time, want to go back to London and do it again! xx


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