7 November 2013

The PS Community

I have seen a lot of talk recently regarding the plus size blogging community and how it seems to becoming more brand/clothing focussed rather than promoting body positivity and confidence.

I have read a few differing opinions on this subject, particularly after reading Gail’s thoughts on GailyGumDrops

The way that I see it is that everyone runs their own blog their own way.  It is a very personal thing, having a blog and you can have a myriad of reasons for running it.  My blog started because I loved to write, wanted somewhere I could vent my thoughts and this theme has carried on.  I do the plus size fashion alongside the thought and opinion pieces.  I never wanted it to be just one thing.

When it comes to being plus size and doing the fashion thing, I have written some pieces on body positivity and confidence but in the majority, the posts are me wearing pretty dresses.  I have worked with some brands which has been massively exciting for me, but if I never worked with another brand again, I would still be posting photographs.

Before starting fashion blogging I had no confidence, no body positivity and felt unworthy.  What inspired me to blog, like Gail, were pictures of other plus size women, wearing fantastic fashion and looking bloody brilliant.  It was their confidence in wearing those clothes that inspired me to grow and become who I am now. 

For me, a picture is worth a thousand words and those pictures of confident, fashionably, happy women did more than a dozen articles telling me how to be confident.

But that’s just me.  That’s my own journey and every person’s journey is personal to them.  Some are inspired by pictures, others by words, others by both.  There are some blogs that have pieces on body confidence that I have read over and over again, we all have own angles and our own stories. 

The plus size community is a diverse place, as it should be, and long may it continue.


  1. Ohmygosh!!! I totally agree, I absolutely understand that we all have different perspectives on Plus size. Even if promoting a brand or clothing in a photograph, your still showing yourself the fact that you have confidence to even take the photo!! I'm sort of new to the whole blogging plus size community and love that it's diverse and that we can understand each other from different angles!!

    1. That's the thing for me, someone having the confidence to wear the clothes, pose for a photograph and post it on the internet is what originally inspired me x

  2. I think our stories and reasons for blogging are very similar. I was inspired by plus size women wearing amazing outfits and being comfortable in their own skin. I didn't have an ounce of confidence in myself before I stumbled up on plus size outfit and body positivity blogs. They raised my confidence dramatically and inspired me to be brave and share my outfits online. For me personally, photos of fashionable fat girls looking happy and confident generally inspire me more than words can do, although I love such posts, too. My blog is just me being me, sharing my love of fashion and other things that matter to me! I just wanted to share my outfits and work towards self acceptance while doing so... I never planned to be a pioneer for body positivity as I hadn't even reached self acceptance myself!

    I think all forms of plus size and body positivity blogs are inspirational in their own right. Girls who've been ashamed and self-conscious of their bodies all their life, may click on to our blogs and find inspiration in our OOTD photos, or in words written from the heart. It certainly worked for me, so I'm eternally grateful for outfit posts! xx

    1. Me too, if I hadn't randomly clicked on Becky's link, I might still be as miserable as I was before.

  3. This question shouldn't be ask. The plus size fashion part is a part as every other. They show, that we must not hide ourselfs in boring clothes and shows us the shine in everyone. Showing confidence and body love is one part of the whole thing. If anyone things there are less of blogs like Dances with fat or The Militant Baker … they should start one with the topics they find important.

    ♡ Mel xoxo

  4. I couldn't agree more. I love seeing OOTD by other plus size woman. I love seeing them looking sexy and more importantly, feeling sexy. It gives me home and it just shows that you can be any size and be beautiful!

    Lucie xxx

  5. Good on you! It's your blog baby, and it should who you are and not any one else!


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