14 November 2013

Just for 5 Pounds?

One thing society (and my mother) has always told me; never buy cheap shoes or cheap handbags.   You can tell them a mile off and they usually fall apart quickly. 

Now no offence to society, or my mother, but sometimes, cheap is just what you want.  Whether it be a bag or a pair of shoes, if you are looking for them to go with a very specific outfit, the reality is that you’ll only use the item once or twice and so don’t want to spend a fortune. 

The other times of course are when you come across a bag for £5.00 and it is practically rude not to buy it.

This has happened to me this week.  You may have seen me on Twitter the other night exclaiming in joy about having found the Just for 5 Pounds site.  I should add at this point that this isn’t a sponsored post.  I am writing this as a tip off to the shoe and bag obsessed (like me) as there were quite a few people who hadn’t heard of this site and were jumping up and down in joy when I told them about it.

Everything is £5.00.  EVERYTHING.  Here are some of the things I have my eye on and will no doubt will be purchasing over the next few weeks.

Loves from Just For Five Pounds


  1. I bought that blue bag in black, a jumper and a dress from there last week. All good stuff. x

    1. Will definately be making some purchases myself!

  2. Ah wow. I love this site already!! Will deffo be making some purchases soon! x

  3. Ooh those green shoes are gorgeous! I think the quality of cheap fashion has changed a lot in the last ten years, and sometimes cheap things are practically identical to much pricier ones. xx

  4. Your choices are impeccable, timeless, yet feel of the moment. Thank you for sharing the inspiration! there was no salt

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