25 November 2013

When, Where, How?

I have a confession to make; I am a little bit addicted to Don't tell the Bride. I love to watch the grooms running around in a panic, sometimes making the strangest of choices which 8 times out of 10 work out perfectly.

One of the biggest changes is where people choose to hold their weddings.  Did you see the one where the venue was a tree house? Totally impractical for the amount of people, but amazing none the less.  Times aren't what they used to be and people don't always want to have the traditional kind of wedding. Whether it be the venue, the theme, in a church; many people now like to have their own spin.

It did get me thinking though, how do you find these sort of places?

One place to try would be a wedding venue directory like Confetti.co.uk  I think sites like these are great as they give you a bit more inspiration and also, if you want to of course, help you to think a bit more out of the box in terms of what might be available to you.  

At the start of your search you may just be thinking a simple hotel but by using these sort of directories and searches you can often find something that is completely bespoke to what you want.   A wedding by the sea, a themed Victorian wedding in a museum; an Alice in Wonderland extravaganza; anything is possible!

It all depends of course on the amount of cash you have to spend, how many people you are inviting and whether you want intimate or grandiose.  

How would I do it? Well that would be telling now wouldn't it ;)

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  1. I love watching Don't Tell The Bride but when the groom gets the wedding dress wrong, I feel so bad for the bride! The tree house venue was really pretty, and quite sweet, really. Did you see the one when the guy was obsessed with aliens and did a Roswell themed ceremony on an army base? It was crazy! xx

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