13 November 2013

Rant of the Day

I have a little rant today.

It is me or is the world getting more prudish?

Miley Cyrus twerks on stage, sticks her tongue out (ok far too much, I want to chop the damn thing off) and all hell rains down on her.  Her home town say that satan has entered her life, the outraged parent brigade proclaim that she is the worst influence on their child there has ever been and thinly veiled “whore” insults fly everywhere.

She isn’t posing in a Hanna Montana outfit holding up a sign saying “Do me” or “You know you want it”.  She stuck her ass in the air, danced around and wore not a lot of clothing.  Woo bloody hoo.

It’s a PUBLICITY STUNT, not the rise of the apocalypse.  It isn’t that shocking and is just the newest controversy.   Madonna has been doing is for years. 

She’s 21, or near as dammit.  Leave the girl alone.

Today we have Lily Allen releasing her song, "Hard Out Here"

I agree with her message that woman shouldn’t have to change themselves, be thinner, prettier, more daring etc etc to sell records.  What I do think is that women shouldn't judge other women.  Judge yourselves first.
What I want to know though is how is this song any less controversial (if you actually think that either song is controversial in the first place) than Miley’s twerking? 

Lily doesn’t twerk, dance around half clothed or stick her tongue out, but she is still using her song to hurl insult at anyone who does.  “I don’t need to shake my ass because I have a brain” anyone?  No you don’t shake your ass Lily but you still court controversy.  Her song “Fuck You” for example which was she was quoted at different times saying was about the Conservatives and then later the BNP.  Pick a side!

In my mind, you can’t look down on someone for doing one thing, whilst doing something in a similar vein yourself.  “Lily Allen has a baggy pussy” isn’t exactly making her look big or clever now is it?  It is clearly a dig against the Robin Thicke song (which by the way I can’t stand) and whilst I find it funny, that will by seen (again by those who like to complain about these things) as just as controversial. 

I don’t give a monkeys what Miley or Lily do.  They are both in the end doing what they set out to do, sell records.  You can judge them all you want, or you can actually listen the music, decide if you like it and buy it, or not.

One thing that is really making me giggle though.  If the prude police had a problem with a girl dancing with her ass in the air, how are they going to cope with little Timmy and little Sarah asking what a baggy pussy is?


  1. Lily wrote a (very catchy) song about orgasming. Or not, as the case may be. Pot/Kettle.

    I live a life online, yet I can manage to avoid all Miley stuff, until I look at the DailyMail sidebar of shame. My son is 11, and is blissfully unaware of twerking, and baggy pussys, because I dont encourage him to watch MTV music awards, because hes a child. And thats how it should be.

    Adults can act like adults if and when they want to, and you know what? Adults have sex. I KNOW. IMAGINE. They kiss, and dirty dance (you wanna watch that movie again, dry humping, the lot. Phone the Prude Police!)

    1. I sometimes think that people are trying to make the entire world child friendly when as you rightly say, there is a place for children and a place where adults can be adulted. We seem to be entering an ever expanding nanny state.

  2. Lily is being so hypocritical. She claims she made the song & video as she didn't want her children seeing sexual images in music videos, then her video features half naked women with their butts in the air, and herself sucking off a banana & proclaiming she has a baggy fanny! Is that the sort of video she would rather her kids watch! I hope not! She also claims that she is making a feminist statement! This song & video is so far removed from empowering women & promoting positive role models. Good marketing technique though.

    1. Lily is being held up by some as being a feminist but I don't see someone who insults other woman and puts them down as being a feminist. She moves her goal posts in accordance to what she is selling at the time.

  3. Lily and Miley have got something else in common too. They both used black dancers in an over-sexualised way in their videos. They both feature twerking. What's the obsession with black women this way? Miley played the hand drums on a black girl's arse at that hideous awards show 'performance' with Robin Thicke, and now in Lily Allen's video it feels like those women were being exploited too. I don't know why it is these women feel the need to hijack black culture in this way. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

    1. I didn't feel uncomfortable with Miley's video but I really did with Lily's. It did feel exploitative to me too.

  4. I just did a blog about this kind of thing the other day. I work for a record label and so for us both behaviours are something we want to explore as we specialise in working with women from all backgrounds and agree that you should be able to present yourself as you feel best but my issue with miley and lily too they are just pushing forward publicity stunts to jump on a wagon and sell more records but do they not have a moral responsibility to the young people they influence?

    Enjoyed your rant always good to hear peoples opinions on things we are setting up projects to explore :)

    1. I don't think they have a moral responsibility to the young, as I have said in a comment above, there needs to be places for adults and places for children. You can't nanny proof the world and neither Miley's nor Lily's music is aimed at children. They are both on the publicity bandwagon and to be fair I don't blame them, but Lily took it too far for me. She changes her standpoint every five minutes.


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