8 November 2013

Thought of the Day

Thought of the Day.

You never realise just how much of your heart you give away, until you get it back.  In my case, I didn’t even realise it was missing, I just thought it was smaller than it used to be.

Now much time has passed, the heart is back in place, pieced back together and the bruises healed; I’d like to say that I will be more careful next time, be more careful of whom I give my heart too.  It is a precious thing after all.

The truth is though; I have always given my whole heart.  It is the kind of person I have always been and despite the hurt that sometimes comes with that, one day I will meet the person that deserves to receive it.

On a random note, I now can’t stop thinking about the Ood from Doctor Who.  They hold their hearts in their hands too.



  1. I'm the same. When I gave away my heart, I made sure that that person can trample upon the whole heart and not just on a piece. But than I've found someone who treated it very carefully. I keep my fingers cross that this person comes into your life sooner as you expect. You deserve it!

    ♡ Mel xoxo

  2. The right guy is out there for you, and he'll come along when you least expect it. Someone who deserves to be with YOU just as much as you deserve to be with him xx


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