28 May 2013

Cocktails and Giggles

It’s my mum’s birthday in just over a week. 

My mum has never been for a night out in the city and has never had a cocktail (not counting the watered down kind that you get from dodgy Spanish bars).  Given that she is turning 73 this time (shush, don’t tell her I told you) I decided that it was high time to remedy that.

Now my mum and I are quite similar in that we are both daft as a brush, we giggle at the drop of a hat and we both enjoy good food, good times and a drop of something to put a sparkle in your eye.

I booked a night in the +Premier Inn in Manchester for the Bank Holiday Monday and arranged for us to attend Jamie Oliver’s Italian followed by a few cocktails to end the night with a bang.

There were many many giggles (including when my mum managed to break her glasses, forcing her to use one of them like a monocle in order to read the menu), the food at Jamie Oliver’s was amazing and we found one more thing in common that night, a love of a Cosmopolitan cocktail.

Here are some photos from the trip.

Top from +Next 
Travelling with no makeup on, a first!

Excited to start our night out

My gorgeous mum

Like mother like daughter

Cocktail fueled expression!

Dress from +Simply Be My mum's jacket is from George at Asda

Home after a brilliant night, and no hangovers!

Have you planned any trips recently?


  1. Fantastic you both look amazing and I can't believe your mum is about to turn 73! xx

  2. How fab does your Mum look? The jacket she's wearing is lovely and I love your floral dress too. Hubby and I are off to Chester this weekend for our wedding anniversary.

    1. Thank you Kaye, she is fab isn't she :) Hope you have a lovely anniversary! xx

  3. I always thought you were beautiful, but WOW - look at you with no make up!! (I'm super jealous!!) You look great in trousers, and you can see the similarity between your Mum and you. I think you can be very grateful for some fantastic genes you have inherited from her - you'd never believe she was in her 70's! x

    1. Thank you so much ;) I always tell my mum that I hope I have inherited her genes. She is young in her spirits as well as her looks.

  4. Your mum looks nowhere near that age and unless you told me you had no make up on I wouldn't have guessed! x x

    1. She is always told that she doesn't look her age but never believes it! I think I was having a good skin day so just to dare to bare for a change :) x

  5. Your both are looking lovely, hun. <3



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