13 May 2013

52 Lists - Week 3

This is a series of weekly posts. The idea does not belong to me and I have borrowed from Moorea Seal I have also seen that @boo_brown is also doing these lists and her blog inspires me too.

The idea is to post a different list each week to share with your readers and each other.

Week Three - List Things that you should be proud of

Being of quite a self deprecating nature, I have always found it hard to say things I am proud of, but I am trying to break that habit and this list is a good place to start!

So here we go, the things I should be, and are, proud of.

  • I'm proud that a year ago I finally forced myself to look at my life and how to improve it.
I held myself back so much over the years, unable and unwilling to move forward confidently instead of hiding in the shadows.  Coming out from behind the shadows is probably the greatest thing I've ever done.
  • I'm proud of my new levels in confidence, both in myself as a person and also body confidence.
I'm not going to deny that it has been a hard journey to get to this stage, but I felt improvement with every small step I took, from the first patterned brightly coloured dress I bought, to actually wearing it in public and feeling confident and secure.
  • I'm proud of my blog.
Writing on the blog, posting pictures and as a consequence of that meeting and talking to other bloggers have been a brilliant thing in my life and I look forward to carrying on with it.
  • I'm proud of how my wardrobe looks these things.  
Just opening it up and looking makes me very very happy.

What are you proud of?


  1. i'm glad you have so many nice things to be proud of.x

  2. I'm glad your confidence has risen and you're wardrobe is amazing xx


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