19 May 2013

Nailed It

I’ve bitten my nails my entire life.  It isn’t something I’m proud of.  Given that I don’t like my hands anyway, I’ve always been self conscious about them and hid them away.

I have always wanted pretty nails and would love to paint them and experiment with different colours and designs.  The scarlet nailed women in old movies have always been my ideal.

I was looking in shame at my nails a couple of months ago and the thought struck me; if I can successfully quit smoking through sheer stubbornness and determination, surely I can stop biting my nails. 

Given the tiny size that they have shrunk to over thirty odd years, I knew that it would take quite a while to reach any sort of length.

After more than a few false starts and absentminded biting, I have now reached a stage where I’m happy not only to put my nails on my blog, but also paint them!  I may have a way to go with some of the nails and none are how I want them yet, I feel that the majority of the journey has been accomplished.

I’m a few weeks away from booking my first manicure and having a massive smile on my face.  Even at the current, still short length, they are now makes me happy.  One more goal reached!

What goals have you set yourself recently?

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