6 May 2013

Anti Idiot Software

When I didn’t have any confidence, what I had instead was a self preservation system in place that would have rivaled Fort Knox with the thickness of the walls around me. In the main I kept myself “safe” from harm by keeping everyone away, but the lone assassin could easily walk through the gates and hurt me.

Now I’ve found confidence, the walls are down and in their place is what I would describe as a firewall. Invisible to the eye, a thin layered deflector that is my personality which negativity just bounces off.

Like any firewall, occasionally malware can get through but unlike the walls that you previously built which had to be rebuilt higher and stronger, with a firewall, you can just reboot and run antivirus. In order words, anti-idiot.

In the weird world that is my head this is what I run through when I hear a rude comment or something hurtful. I roll my eyes, run “anti-idiot” and my firewall bounces back the comment through a little “screw you” spark in my eyes.

Promoting confidence in others is something that is becoming more and more important to me. You can have confidence at any size. It isn’t about promoting a certain weight, it’s about having self worth, self confidence and the knowledge that if people insult you, that is their problem, not yours.

I always wanted to have the confidence to wear bright colours and patterns and now I wear them everyday. My main goal when it comes to clothing was to be able to wear a red dress. I have a thing about red and have red lipsticks, red handbags, red shoes, but have never had the confidence to wear a red dress.

Now the warm weather is here and I'm wearing my red dress from +Simply Be Apologies for the self photos but I wanted to get out in the sunshine!


  1. WOW! It's so lovely to see you in more and more colourful outfits, and I think red just has to be your colour! You look beautiful, and I LOVE that dress!
    I've seen a lot of plus size women complain about clothing with butterfly prints, but personally I love them and butterfly prints are all over standard size clothing too so I think it's inclusive that we have the option of them if we want!

  2. That dress is lovely! It really suits you. I have my knob-head radar on at all times, sadly. x x

  3. That dress is beautiful and red is definitely your colour. Through finding plus size and body positivity blogs, and then starting my own blog last year I've gained so much more body confidence, a thicker skin, and the same 'anti idiot' system as well. A year and a half ago horrible comments would have upset me and left me believing I really was worthless... now I don't think I'd take any notice.


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