2 May 2013

All that Glitters....

There are some people in the world that sparkle so brightly.  When they are in your presence it is like having the sun shining on you, and it's glorious.  It isn't gender specific, both men and women can have this glow.  I think that we have all met people like this.

I’ve known two people like this now.  What I’ve come to the conclusion of is; all that glitters is not golden.

Friendship should be about loyalty, about mutual respect and going that extra mile for someone you care about.  Celebrating each other’s achievements and above all, always being there for that person.  Friendship isn’t one sided.

I’m finding more and more that the people who sparkle are also the ones that don’t make the effort.  They expect other people to run after them and unless something involves them, they just aren’t interested.

But because they sparkle, they tend to be forgiven as soon as you see them.

One day, inevitably with a friendship with someone like that, you stop making the effort.  You decide to let them do the contacting and wait and see if they support you as much as you have supported them.  The answer is always the same, they don’t.

Just like the firework sparklers you have on Bonfire Night, these people shine so brightly when they are around and the world seems little darker when they disappear.  But they have no substance and give nothing back. 

The truth of the matter is, I would rather have than a slow burning candle, just as bright, just as beautiful, but always there when you need it, than a flash of light for entertainment purposes any day. 

The sparklers are a nice distraction, but true friendship lasts a lifetime. 

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  1. Well written! I've been burned by a sparkly person myself. x x


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