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2 July 2013

10 Day You Challenge–Day 9


Today’s theme are your two favourite songs.

1.  Frank Sinatra - The Way You Look Tonight.
This song just speaks to me.  If I can't have a man say that to me, I'll have Frank sing it!

Lovely, never, ever change.
Keep that breathless charm.
Won't you please arrange it ?
Cause I love you, just the way you look tonight.

2.  Barry White - My First, My Last, My Everything
I have always loved this song but when it became connected with the Ally McBeal series and the bathroom dancing, that wedged it into my heart as a song that would forever make me smile, no matter what my mood.

If I had had a third choice, I would have gone for Paul Van Dyk, For an Angel which was my absolutely favourite song in my late teens, early twenties and has stuck with me ever since as a favourite dance track.

Which songs would you choose?

1 July 2013

10 Day You Challenge - Day 8

Today's theme is three films.

There are a million films that I love, but here are three that I always go back to:

1.  Breakfast at Tiffanys.
2.  Girl Interrupted.
3.  The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

It's funny that the first two films are about women that are just a little bit lost, trying to find their own path, just like me.

I absolutely loved the Lord of the Rings films and can go back to them time and time again.  I wasn't as impressed with The Hobbit film but I am hopeful for the second instalment.

Vicky x

30 June 2013

10 Day You Challenge–Day 6


Today’s theme is your top 5 food items. 

1.  I adore Italian food.  I recently to Jamie Oliver’s Italian in Manchester and had the best seafood pasta dish I have ever had.  Will definately be making a revisit. 

2.  Raw vegetables, I prefer them to cooked and could easily munch away on raw carrots by the bucket load.

3.  My mum’s cheese & onion pie.  I have never had a better one, anywhere.

4.  Fresh seafood is a big favourite of mine but especially crab.  Mix seafood and pasta and I am in seventh heaven.

5.  Peanuts.  Not particularly because I love peanuts but because they are a food memory of when I was a little girl and my dad used to buy a packet on a Saturday night and always leave out an eggcup full for me.  Miss you dad.

26 June 2013

10 Day You Challenge – Day 4!

Today’s challenge is 7 wants.  This should be a hard one, but only in the sense of limiting it to 7 haha!
  1. Love.  The first want is always love.
  2. Continued friendship.  I have friends in my life that I want to have until the day I die. 
  3. A designer handbag.  Just one.  Yes, a frivolous want, but just once in my life I want to have something from a major designer. 
  4. I want to travel much more extensively than I have.  There are so many places in the world that I want to see.  I’m not the backpacker type before you ask.  Girl needs her straightening irons and a hotel room.
  5. A big want here.  I want more people to realise that animals have just as much a right to live on this earth as the rest of us.  A rat is not vermin, a mink is not a coat and a lion is not there to be caged and then hunted down and killed by rich idiots.
  6. To write more.  In addition to writing my blog I would love to write elsewhere too and not just for free.  Who knows if that will happen.
  7. To carry on believing that anything is possible.
Number 8 would have been a tall dark handsome stranger but damn, I ran out of numbers!


22 June 2013

10 Day You Challenge–Day 3!


Today is eight fears.

Fear I think is something much more personal to share than things you love.  You can have irrational fear, illogical fear, unfounded fear and secret fear, all as real as one another but we share them with others than the things we love.
  1. Spiders.  Probably something on a lot of people’s lists.  But seriously, NOTHING needs that many legs.  The spiders that turn up in my house I swear have been down to the gym first.  They are always huge and can run like a mothertrucker.
  2. Open stairs.  As I mentioned on day one, I have a problem with stairs, but when faced with a set of open stairs, I break out into a sweat and start to panic.  I would rather face a charging Rhino than open stairs.
  3. The thought that I might never meet someone who gets my brand of crazy, and loves me still, scares the hell out of me.  I don’t want to walk through this life to the end on my own.
  4. A secret fear, that no one knows about, is that for some reason I am getting increased scared to be a passenger in a car.  I gave my car up about 5 years ago (not for this reason) but always loved driving and being in a car, preferably fast down a motorway.  Now I am increasingly getting scared.  I will beat this fear. 
  5. The dentist.  I’ve never had or needed more than a scrape and polish all my life until last year when I knocked a tooth loose and needed an extraction.  Combining 1 emergency dentist, 1 tooth out and anaesthetic which I’ve never had before numbing my entire throat equalled a panic attack outside of the dentist, unable to breath.  Since then I am a quivering wreck in the waiting room and in the chair.  Note to self, take someone with you.
  6. Snow and ice.  I am terrified of falling over and slipping in snow and ice.  This just seems to get worse with age.  This winter though I invested in some ice cleats, finally, which helped enormously.  I could actually walk around with looking like a complete idiot.
  7. Letting down the people I care about.  Self explanatory really!
  8. Fear itself.  I don’t want to be afraid of anything. 
So there you go! 8 fears.  See, they are more personal than things you love aren’t they?

19 June 2013

10 Day You Challenge–Day 2

Nine loves in my life – this one should be easy!
  1. My family but especially my mum who look amazing for her age and is just as daft as I am.  Sometimes we laugh until tears roll down our faces.  She is a friend as well as my mum.
  2. My friend family.  My close friends I love just as much as family.  We are a jigsaw puzzle that you maybe think won’t work, but we fit together perfectly.
  3. The people I work with, especially my friend Wendy.  If you are spending the majority of your week at work, getting along with the people you work with is a necessity.  I am lucky enough to have a boss who looks out for me and my colleague who is the perfect match to share a room with. 
  4. Writing/blogging.  This has come to mean more to me than I ever thought it could.  Especially when I receive messages saying that something that I have wrote, or a picture of myself that I have shared, has given someone else confidence to do the same.
  5. Formula One – on race day, my heart beats to the drum of a Formula One car. 
  6. Red lipstick.  Red feels like confidence to me, and when I wear red lipstick, I feel that I have an extra spark about me.
  7. I love films. especially action and sci fi movies.  Horrors rarely scare me although you do get the occasional one that will find me hiding under the bed clothes at the end of the night.
  8. The path I have put myself on.  I have come a very long way from the girl I used to be, and I am really looking forward to what lies ahead of me.
  9. My dogs, especially my little dog Ellie, whom I inexplicably have nicknamed Sausage Monkey.  I adore that dog.
So there you go! nine loves in my life!

18 June 2013

10 Day You Challenge–Day 1


I have previously been doing the 52 Lists, but somehow it wasn’t inspiring me.  I liked the fact that you could share more of yourself to the reader, but I wasn’t connecting with the challenge for some reason.

This week however I came across the 10 Day You Challenge on Natty Nikki's blog.  Neither of us know where the challenge originated and if you know, please tell me and I will credit appropriately.

Anyhow!  Day one of the challenge is ten secrets.  I try not to keep secrets if at all possible as it always leads to trouble, but here are 10 facts about me, some you may know, some you won’t.

  1. I always care more than I will ever admit about people, issues and things close to my heart.  Admitting that you care isn’t weak.  Sometimes not admitting it is what gets you burned.

  2. Stairs scare me.  I get dizzy and constantly feel like I will fall.

  3. I once was driven in one of the Delorean cars from Back to the Future.  It kick started my love of fast cars, even though it was particularly fast looking back!

  4. I am a huge fan of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series and could sing (badly) along to every word of “Once More with Feeling”.

  5. I bit my nails until about two months ago.

  6. I will never let someone treat me less than I deserve to be treated again.  I am worth more than a standby, or a secret behind closed doors.

  7. I have eight tattoos, and am pining after number nine.

  8. A little piece of my heart belongs to the Mary Jane style of shoes.

  9. Another piece of my heart belongs to Formula One.  My spirits raise and my heart beats a little faster when I hear the “dum da da dum dadadadada dum” of The Chain.

  10. If you are a tall man, you are already high in the positives on the “Vicky would like” list.
What do you think about sharing secrets?