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26 November 2018

Seeing the Sights in Manchester

This weekend I did two things that I have always wanted to do in Manchester.

Usually when I am staying in hotels in Manchester it is for  special occasion, a night out or a shopping trip; I tend to stick to the same areas, bars and restaurants.  But there is so much more to Manchester that you can go and see.

So this weekend I decided to visit the Christmas markets (my first ever visit) and also to check out the Manchester Cathedral.  Although I am not religious or even a believer in any way, it does not mean that I cannot appreciate the architecture and the beauty of the place. 

How beautiful, right?  The height of the columns, the intricate detailing of the stained glass windows and have you seen that doorway??

I would also recommend seeing the John Rylands Library, the Bridgewater Hall Concert Hall and Calatrava Trinity Bridge.

After the Cathedral it was on to the Christmas markets.  Just a tad busy as you can see!

We decided to do the tradition thing and get a mulled wine to start our shopping out on a warm and fuzzy note.  £8 got us two delightful mug fulls of delicious and warming mulled wine and really got our shopping trip on to a lovely start.

After our mulled wine it was time to hit the food stalls located around the Town Hall and check out the welcoming Santa Claus!

Full of food, and one more mulled wine, it was time to start Christmas decoration shopping.  We were looking for some feature pieces to dot around the house rather than Christmas tree ornaments which we have in abundance.

The stalls had so much to offer!  What we quickly noted that it is worth shopping around to find what you are looking for as the prices differ, sometimes quite vastly, from stall to stall so it is worth checking everything out before making your purchases.

Although there are some gift based stalls, the Christmas markets are primarily for food and drink stalls as well as the usual Christmas decoration stalls so this is something that you need to bear in mind if you are looking for Christmas presents.  This beautiful Santa Claus is what we ended up bringing home, for the amazing price of ten pounds!

The spending money was gifted by, but all views are my own.

4 October 2018

Winter Is Coming

Tell me, are you a Summer person?  Someone who craves the sunshine, loves the fact that you can walk around without the baggage of a coat?  Someone who looks at the snow and ice with dread and has a hatred for all things cold?

Alternatively, are you a Winter person?  A lover of warm drinks and cozy clothing.  Someone who loves a good snow ball fight and generally loves the beauty that Winter brings to the landscape.

Me, I'm a definate Summer person, but am trying, slowly to learn to love Winter.  So here are a few things that I thought about that I love about Winter that might make you love it too.

A Good Cuddle

Summer is wonderful, but how many nights have you spent far too hot during the evenings, stripping off layer after layer of clothing, drowning yourself in ice filled drinks and throwing off the bed covers at night?  How many times have you given up on the idea of a cuddle with your partner because you are just too damn hot?

Winter is made for cuddles on the sofa, a hot chocolate and a good film.  My fella is like a walking hot water bottle and snuggling up in bed on a cold night is something that brings us together even more.  

Stepping Into a Warm House

When you have spent a freezing day in the office followed by a cold and miserable commute home, is there really anything better than walking into a warm, inviting house?

It is this time of year that I make sure that our central heating systems are working as they should to ensure a warm and inviting house.  There is nothing worse that getting home on a cold day only to find out that your radiators are not working and you walk into freezing cold house.

My top tip for ensuring that your house heats up faster and retains more heat is to cover a thin sheet of card with tinfoil and placing it behind your radiator.  This reflects the heat back into your room and helps to heat everything that much and more importantly, retains the heat (saving you a bit of money too!)

Winter Clothing & Accessories

As much as I love, and I do adore, a Summer dress, there is just something about wrapping yourself up in many layers like a cocoon that makes you feel wonderful, calm and serene.  

Warm toasty socks in bed, a sumptuous scarf around your neck to keep out the cold, fur trimmed gorgeous coats and a good, old fashioned hot toddy on a particularly cold night are all things that I love about Winter.

The Food

At a risk of sounding like what they call a "typical woman" (what about any woman is typical I have to ask?), I do love a gorgeous roasted hazelnut latte in the Winter months.

Also, who can resist the lovely beef stew, simmering throughout the day in the slow cooker and ready to perfection when you arrive home?  Cauliflower cheese, apple crumble, chicken and mushroom pie or the good old English breakfast.  My mouth is watering just typing about them.

So, is Winter really that bad?  The icy streets can be hard to handle but there is so much about Winter to love, if you only care to look.  

15 September 2016

Food for Thought

One thing that happens as we grow up and get older is that our tastes change.  What we are passionate about, the music we love; the food that we eat.

As a teenager I remember thinking that I could never love anything more than listening to Take That (the first time around).  These days, although I listen to the odd song for nostalgia, you are more likely to find me listening to Green Day, Beyonce, electronic dance; anything basically other than atypical boy band music.  

Growing up and into my late twenties I never liked tea or coffee.  But one day, after trying a friend's hazelnut latte, I was suddenly hooked.  Fresh coffee in my store cupboard and a regular hazelnut latte with a double shot espresso is regularly seen in my hands.

One thing that I have noticed is that when people get past retirement age and well into their twilight years, their appetites decrease.  The plates get smaller, the variety of food they eat lessens.  This can mean that their nutrition can suffer as a result.

This can be especially problematic with people that suffer from mental health issues like dementia.  From forgetting to eat, not knowing what they want to eat; to not wanting to eat altogether.

This is something that I experienced with a elderly relative of mine.  Seeing someone who used to eat us out of house and home transform into someone who did not want to eat is heartbreaking.  So what do we do?  How can you get nutritious food into someone who does not want to eat?

The wonderful thing about the internet is that there is a now a wealth of information out there to help you.  Age UK are a fantastic resource and have loads of helpful information about everything from falls prevention to helping to spot when a elderly relative is having issues like dementia or Alzheimers and what you can do.

There are also things like nutrition guides that provide tips for getting healthy, vitamin rich food into people who are not that bothered about eating any more.  Things like doing away with three meals a day, which can be overfacing and changing to small meals, dotted throughout the day,

If your relative is in a care home, one thing to try is perhaps getting a mini fridge for their room.  Keep yoghurts in there, carrot sticks and sliced fruit.  If you are bringing in food from home, try to liven up what they are eating.  Bring small selections of different things to awaken their taste buds like potato wedges with curry sauce or something with a chilli kick.  Moist foods like soups and stews are also brilliant for those who are having problems chewing.

If you are having problems getting your relative to have protein, what about something like a Peanut Butter Split Smoothie, here is a great recipe which gives a brilliant 13.5 grams of protein in one drink.  Tip, freeze the banana first.

Check out all the food recipe websites and food blogs that are out there now and you really will find something to inspire you to cook, and your relative to eat.

25 August 2015

Manchester Eating Hotspots

I was recently asked by Millenium Hotels to participate in a new infograph they were creating, relating to Manchester's Hidden Gems.

If you are new to Manchester or even if you just want to try somewhere new, having someone local to the area recommend an eatery or bar for you will always guarantee a better experience.

As can be seen from the infograph below. there are quite a few recommended places; offering everything from pizza to fine dining.

My particular recommendation was Albert's Shed, Castle Street in Manchester which runs a great two courses for £11.95 offer but also offers some amazing dishes on the A La Carte Menu.  I recommend the Malayan Chicken which is delicious.

Happy eating!


30 June 2013

10 Day You Challenge–Day 6


Today’s theme is your top 5 food items. 

1.  I adore Italian food.  I recently to Jamie Oliver’s Italian in Manchester and had the best seafood pasta dish I have ever had.  Will definately be making a revisit. 

2.  Raw vegetables, I prefer them to cooked and could easily munch away on raw carrots by the bucket load.

3.  My mum’s cheese & onion pie.  I have never had a better one, anywhere.

4.  Fresh seafood is a big favourite of mine but especially crab.  Mix seafood and pasta and I am in seventh heaven.

5.  Peanuts.  Not particularly because I love peanuts but because they are a food memory of when I was a little girl and my dad used to buy a packet on a Saturday night and always leave out an eggcup full for me.  Miss you dad.