15 February 2013

An 18th Century View

In today's society you can change laws, but changing views takes far longer.

We see ourselves today as a progressive society.  Our 21st century views in many cases would seem foreign, and unheard of back and in some cases scandalous in the 18th and 19th century, and yet some prejudices still remain to this day.
Daybreak this morning asked the question "Can women who are drunk or flirty ever be blamed for being attacked?"
How can it be that this question is still being asked, let alone why anyone would ever say yes as an answer. 
      If a house is burgled, is it the fault of the home owner for having a nice house?

      If a drunk man with his top off walks in front of a group of gay men, is he "Asking for it"?
      If someone steals money from their employer, is it the fault of the employer for having a lot of
      If a man is robbed in the street, is the first question "But had you been drinking sir?"

These questions are never asked, purely because a) They are nonsensical and b) The answer is either no, or "Why are you asking irrelevant questions?".

No will always be no.  Let's treat victim blaming as what it is.  An archaic view that has no place in society.

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