17 February 2013

Back to Dresses

If I could walk around every day and night in a dress, I would.  On Saturday though I was helping my mum out with a party at home so dressed down rather than dressed up was the order of the day.  With heels of course, they go with everything.

I haven't done an outfit of the day post for ages so quickly took a few snaps when I had gotten ready.  I liked the long jumper when on and was certainly comfy which is always a bonus, but I don't think it is quite me.

In the end, although I liked the skinny jeans/heels combination, turns out, I'm not not a long top kinda gal.  But hey, I gave it a go and the top from Very (from the sale and is now out of stock) is certainly lovely and I love the lace insert detailing, just not particularly for me.

Back to dresses is the answer, the Summer needs to hurry up as I have lots of lovely dresses I can wear.  

Obligatory check the make-up - pointless photograph

That's a "I'm not sure about this!" face

I'll go with casual if I must, but not with the shoes!

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