24 February 2013

MUA Blusher Review

As part of being my plan for being more sensible with my money (read not buying so many shoes) I have been looking where I spend a lot of money and have been trying to cut back.

I recently did a post on MUA Mascara which was the first product I have tried from the Makeup Academy. It has become my go to mascara for the working week and works very well, for the price I couldn't be more happy.

I was looking through my makeup collection recently though in my budget frame of mind and realised I needed a change in blusher.  I have always used Dandelion by Benefit which I used as a double up for brightening up my complexion and adding blush to my cheeks.  I adore it.  But at £23.50 a time, can I still justify it?  Probably not.

Given my good experience with the mascara, I once again raided the MUA section of my local Superdrug.  For the unbelievable price of £1 I bought the MUA Shade 2 Blusher and have been roadtesting it for over a week once.

The blusher goes on well, without being too heavy.  It has a good staying power and I have nothing bad to say about it at all.  In fact considering the price I ended up with two as I keep one at home and one at the office (sometimes a girl just have to retouch).

The blusher has a very good level of pigmentation and as a result, you only need to dab your blusher brush once onto it in order to get the appropriate amount of blusher to apply.  I learned this at my peril after using for the first time and ending up looking like Aunt Sally.

Making a saving of £22.50 is a definate win in my budget task, although I still need to retrain my brain so I don't think "Oooooo, what can I buy instead?"

Have you found any good bargains lately?

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