2 September 2015

Plus Size Bras

As someone who has had the need of a bra since the age of twelve, I am well aware of the trials and tribulations that you can go through when purchasing a bra.  

What I increasing found as my bra size went up over the years was the increasing lack of options that were available to me.  Pretty colours and patterns became less and less available with only the boring options of black, white and nude (if you were lucky) on display; the look of which was less based on style and more like your grandmother would wear.

As for a fitted bikini top or a sports bra in a larger size, don't even think about it!

If I wear to go on the highstreet to find a pretty bra in my size today, I would still be hard pressed to find what I wanted but happily, online is now a different story.  There are many websites which store the larger sizes of bras, sports bra and swimwear and I am happy to discover that colour, style and print are back!

Here are some of my favourites, with some of the ranges sizing up to a 46J.

1.  Elomi Swim Kissimmee Bikini Top up to 44HH  £42.00
2.  Underwired Moulded Sports Bra from Freya Bras up to 40H £38.00
3.  Pansy Print Balconette Bra from +Yours Clothing up to 46E £16.00
4.  Sculptress Green Sequin Bra from Evans up to 46J £39.00 
5.  Berry Red Pleated Bra from Evans up to 48F

Which one would you buy?  Personally I would have all of them!

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