18 December 2017

Getting Ready For Christmas Parties

I do confess that I am a bit of a homebody these days.  In my late teens and well into my twenties I loved to go out dancing on the town with friends well into the wee hours.  These days, the comforts of home, a nice glass of wine (or three) and a movie and I am happy and content.

My ritual of getting ready for a night out used to be a many times replayed and rehearsed routine, ensuring that I had everything ready and in order to be able to go out and party.  I had my going out products, my favourite bags that held just enough of what I needed and jewellery that went with every outfit.

So when it comes to the Christmas party season I am a little bit out of practice.  This year I decided to get my act together and put together some things that I would need in advance.  Here is what I bought.

2.  Beverley Hills Perfect White Gold Toothpaste
4.  Collectif Lulu Hun Lou Sparkle Heart Bag
5.  Taking care of your skin - http://www.dore.sg/acne-removal/
6.  Miss Daisy Evening Handbag Brush

These of some of the items that I have bought to help me out with the Christmas season.  A stylish ring with a bit of bling (sorry about the rubbish poetry there); a new evening bag; a brush to fit inside it to tame my dancing party hair.  

My face and teeth also come into play.  All those Christmas drinks (red wine especially) can stain my teeth so I usually buy a new toothpaste to bring out a bit more sparkle.  My under eyes also get really dry when the weather turns cold so I often find that I need to redo my concealer mid way through a night out.

What do you normally buy to get ready for those Christmas parties?

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