29 May 2014

Yes All Women

When you look 20 or 30 years into the future, what do you envision?  Flying cars?  People living on other planets?  Teleportation?  Well if you look back at the movies of a few decades ago, this is the kind of thing that they expected us to be doing.

Next year we will hit the year that Marty McFly travelled to in Back to the Future 2.  I don't see many hover boards floating around but they are a few things that they were pretty spot on about; like video calling.

In essence, when you look towards the future, you see progression, things that are better than the way they are now.  

29 years ago "The Breakfast Club" was released.  Here is a quote from the movie when talking about women and sex:

Wow, you think, what backward thinking I'm so happy times have changed!  Oh wait......  Actually that thought process is still as much in play today as it was then.  

Girls are sent home from prom because their outfits are "causing young men to have impure thoughts".  In rape cases victim blaming is rife not only in the media and on the social network sites but also in Court (this is only one example of many out there).  Songs like Blurred Lines become bestsellers.   People like David Starkie get to go on Question Time saying things like "Violence, not consent, should be the classification of rape."

We still live in a society where when you get unwanted attention from a man "I have a boyfriend" works better than "No".  

The hashtag on Twitter #yesallwomen which has followed after the killing spree of Elliot Rodgers has done much to highlight what attitudes women face on a daily basis.  

My own experience is of men thinking that because I have large breasts, I am automatically "up for it" or I'm "easy".  I have been grabbed in bars more times than I can count but the thing that scares me the most is the perception of others that this is somehow acceptable because "well they are so big".  It is NOT alright to touch me without my permission.  It isn't okay; it's a sex crime and I shouldn't be told I am overreacting if I label it as such.

It doesn't matter how far we have progressed in other aspects of our lives, like with the technological example.  A woman may be able to give testimony in a rape trial by way of video link, but until what she was wearing or how much she had to drink is no longer relevant; we are still living in the stone age.


  1. We really are no further on!

    29 years since the breakfasrclub was released! that shocked me x

  2. Well bloody said Vicky. It's bloody shocking when you come to think how little has changed for women over the years. x

  3. A few things have changed e.g. when I was at University in the late 70s/early 80s, many pubs had "no gypsies, no dogs, no women" signs on the door and single women had to have a man as a guarantor to get credit or a loan but essentially attitudes haven't changed at all about rape.

  4. Very well said! We still have a long way to go. It's shocking that in this day and age that everything you talked about is still the norm, and still seen as perfectly acceptable by too many people. What is wrong with these people?! It is not okay to grope a person without their permission! Can you imagine the reaction if women went around grabbing men between the legs, reasoning that he had to be up for it because he was well hung?! Nobody would think it was acceptable to do that! I hope that in 10, 20 years people will learn to respect everybody; that everybody will know that rape is NOT okay, that groping someone without permission is NOT okay, and that no means no! xx


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