16 May 2014

A Dangerous Precedent

Now and again I will write an opinion piece on my blog about something that I feel strongly about.  Most recently it was my yearly post that I write about the Grand National. 

My aim was to create a bit more awareness regarding the number of horses that die as a result of horse racing.  I wanted to dissuade people from betting but as with everything, you can only present the facts and let people make up their own minds.

When I published my Grand National post this year I received a comment on Twitter asking why I bothered even writing it, as most would never read it and even less would change their minds.  My response was that I would rather speak up and put my opinion forward rather than keep silent.  Silence accomplishes nothing.

I know that mine is only a tiny voice, speaking out amidst a sea of other voices and opinions, but I would always rather say what I think than keep quiet.  Did I change anyone’s mind this year about horseracing?  I don’t know, but I’m still glad I wrote it.

So here I am today, with another opinion. 

UKIP.  When I see a party like UKIP, I truly get scared for the country.  You do not have to be a political genius to see that voting for them would send the country down a path going backwards in time and to places that are beyond our imaginations.

One of the problems however is that unlike the BNP and EDL who carry a thug mentality with them for which they are infamous for, UKIP have that most dangerous of things, an outwardly nice looking veneer.  The head of their party looks like Rupert the Bear.  Harmless.   The man standing for UKIP in my area is an ex local police constable.  Trustworthy.

I’m not going to give you the whys and wherefores about why you shouldn’t vote UKIP.  It is each person’s decision to vote for whom they choose.  All I really want to say is actually look into who you are voting for.  See what they stand for.  What their policies are.

I’m unfortunately from a place where the BNP always won seats and carried favour with many (absolutely not me).  The problem was, just as is the problem with people voting for UKIP now, is that people are seeing one particular point that they agree with, usually about immigration, and voted accordingly.  They don’t look at the bigger picture.

I was talking to someone recently who had decided to vote UKIP.  Their reason was purely because of their immigration stance.  When I mentioned other points that UKIP want to bring in, such as scrapping maternity pay and introducing a flat tax system, their face went blank.  This is why voting without research is dangerous.  

Whilst people need to vote and not simply give up on the system; they also need to think.


  1. I completely agree with you! I'm not overly politically minded, but I'm actually a little bit scared of UKIP getting voted in this time. I can only imagine what the next few years of my life would be like as a 25-year old who hasn't got children (yet) and just about manages after tax...

  2. Here is the chap who's running for UKIP where I live. Note: NSFW, and you may need eye bleach afterwards.

    A couple of years ago I had no idea UKIP were racist bastards. I was uninformed, and that harmless veneer you speak of does have that effect until you look deeper....and of course there weren't the stories in the press then of how rancid an organisation they really are. A UKIP government is a really scary proposition, but like someone said recently on Facebook - choosing your favourite politician is like choosing which STD you'd like to have. x x

  3. You have hit the nail on the head in that no-one has looked at the bigger picture and asked what UKIP stand for with regards to things like the NHS, welfare education etc one quick look into that and all is not as it seems! All I know is that like Leah said a UKIP government is a scary thing! x

  4. Thought provoking post - you sharing your opinions definitely makes me think about mine. i had no idea the number of horses killed at races! UKIP I am not sucked in by! But voting is hard - making the right choice means you have to know lots of info & do your research which I think people today can't be bothered to do. A real shame we take democracy for granted in this country! Up here in Scotland we have also got the independence vote to deal with & I really don't think people look at the big picture enough! Keep voicing your opinion & hitting publish because I will be hear to read it! x

  5. *here (excuse my bad english, its the scot in me lol )

  6. I always read your opinion posts with interest and feel that I learn more whenever I read one. For instance, I hadn't been aware that quite so many horses died during the Grand National, even though I've always been against animals being used for sport. Keep writing what you feel! Anything that once made a difference had to of begun from one person's thoughts! Nobody can make a difference if they never talk about what matters.

    The thought of UKIP running the country is extremely worrying, and I dread to think of it happening... (Not that I think any of the others group's policies are much better). We need posts like this so that people who don't read the small print about these parties might actually understand them a little better! xx

  7. DurtyOld Rocker20 May 2014 at 08:53

    Did you hear his rant on beards? pic.twitter.com/xj9BIIwhby


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