13 May 2014

Dannimac Trench Coat

One thing that you can guarantee about the British Summer is that it will be unpredictable. You can have blazing sunshine in the morning and rain in the afternoon. Carrying a coat or a cardigan with you if you are leaving the house for more than an hour is always advisable.

This year when thinking about buying a Summer coat I had something very specific in mind. The golden fleece of coats. Seemingly unobtainable (if previous years are anything to go by) until you are willing to pay well over £100.00 (which I am not). What is the coat on my clothing pedestal? A stone coloured trench coat.

But they are everywhere I hear you cry! Well yes, they are, unless you are as particular about coats as I am. There is a long list of criteria that has to be met in order to be my perfect coat. It is after all something that you are going to get a lot of wear out of, so it has to be “the one”.

  • The colour has to go with everything. (I thought that I have found my perfect trench coat last year, only for the stone colour described to actually be a dirty beige)
  • The fit has to be impeccable. Not too tight, not too loose and comfortable.
  • The fabric shouldn't crease and also, it should neither be too thick or too thin.
  • I should feel like a hot female spy in a film noir movie.
Ok, the last one isn’t essential, wait, who am I kidding, of course it is :)

Anyway, I found my coat of dreams in the Dannimac coats section at +Marisota  and it can be found here: Dannimac

The dress underneath the coat is the bird print doll dress from +Simply Be and there will be a review up soon!

Vicky xx


  1. You look fabulous, I'm so excited to see the post with the simplybe dress as well! I have it and love it but want to see how you style it!! X

  2. Yay! I'm so glad it turned out to be the perfect coat! It looks fantastic on you! That dress is so pretty and I'm looking forward to reading the review! xx

  3. Aw wow this trench coat so suits you! Working it well xx

  4. This is gorgeous! I love it....I might need it in fact. xxx

    P.S. I will respond to your message...been uber busy xx

  5. I also have a list of demands that coats/jackets must live up to - needless to say I only own 2 coats as a result!! Love this coat on you - very sexy spy!


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