12 May 2014

Twice as Nice

Last week I was reading through my favourite blogs and came across Becky's +ASOS haul post.  As she has a similar body shape to myself (albeit with much better legs than I have!) I love to check out what Becky is wearing and get some ideas of what I would like to buy.

Upon looking through her Asos Curve Review Post I immediately spied the green goddess that was the Asos Curve Midi Dress in Check Print and fell head over heels in love.  I didn't own anything green and the colour was so luscious and the pattern so vibrant that I had to have it.

I wore this dress on Friday night for cocktails in Manchester and striding down Deansgate after a cocktail or two, I have to say that it did give me some added confidence!  My pictures however were taken today and I have gone for a simple look, simply adding some black glitter sandals from Fashion World.

Both Becky and I decided to do a joint post with our dresses and so we bring you Twice as Nice.  Please have a look at Becky's blog as linked above to see how she has worn her dress.



  1. You look absolutely amazing! You suit this shade of green so well. I've had my eye on the dress for a while, but I don't think I have the boobs for it. :( I wish more clothes were this colour. xx

  2. What a beautiful dress really pretty in emrold green Lucy


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