3 May 2014

Taking Shape Tropica Maxi Dress

When I went to visit the Taking Shape Store in Southport a few weeks ago, one of the dresses that I ended up coming away with was the Tropica Maxi Dress  Not only was the dress right on the money for the tropical print, it also gave the illusion when I looked in the mirror that I was taller than I actually am.

This is not to be confused with Jurassic Park and the "dinosaurs are closer than they actually are" mirror sign.  I am not a dinosaur, just a short girl who likes to look tall.

Anyhow....... I was going out for a meal tonight and so decided to take a few pictures and show you what it looks like.  I may take the length up very slightly, not because there is anything wrong with it, but more than I can and will trip over anything remotely near my feet.

Sizing wise I would say that you can probably size down one.  I like to have roominess in my clothes so stayed to my usual.  For height reference with the length of the dress, I am 5ft4.  

As you can see, the neckline has some lovely beading detail which looks like a necklace, hence no need to wear one!  

I wore the dress today with some simple sparkly black flat sandals but you could easily take this dress from day to night by adding jewellery and a pair of heels.

I have a feeling that this is going to be my go to dress for the summer.  What to wear when you have five minutes to get out of the door and still look stylish?  The dress that does it all for you of course!


  1. This is gorgeous! Absolutely love this on you x

  2. You look a million dollars! Gorge dress & dazzling smile.

  3. That dress looks stunning on you! And it does make you look taller! (Though I always feel I look taller in maxi dresses, too!) xx

  4. I tried this on and was amazed by how lovely it felt. It made me feel fab. You look gorgeous hun. x



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