16 April 2013

Oh Yes, I Can!

I’m not very fond of the use of the word “can't” when it is being directed to someone else.  If I were to use it myself for example saying that “I can't ride a bike” (true!) what it generally implies that the person has tried something but is unable to do it for one reason or another. 

When you apply the word to someone else however, it is with the purpose, however well hidden, of restricting and controlling what they do.  You can’t do that, you’re female,  you can’t go there, this may happen, you can’t wear that, you’re fat.

That last one is something that I have been thinking about lately.  All the clothing do’s and don’ts that are inferred that somebody who is plus size should comply with; you can’t wear stripes, you can’t wear print, you can’t wear bright colours etc etc.   The never ending jibe of “black is very slimming you know”.  Well you know what, I love colour, I love print, I love everything about fashion and if I want to, I will damn well wear it!

Here are some of my favourite dresses that are around at the moment, all of which break “the rules” of what a fat girl should wear.  I never was one for rules anyway.  Which puts all these dresses on the top of my wishlist.

Cartoon Print Skater Dress
Busy pattern, bright colours, look at me dress, why not?

Another busy print, up to the neck (an apparent no no for the larger chest) and pleating!

Floral, feminine and visible.  Yes please!

This dress took my breath away.  I adore this dress.  
Convention would say I can't wear it, I say.... I've just ordered it

So there you have it.  Four dresses that society says I "can't" wear.  One of which I have ordered already (post to follow) and the rest will stay on my wishlist.

What do you wear that convention says you shouldn't?


  1. Screw the "rules"! I love all your picks, especially that first dress :)

  2. I don't take notice of any of the 'rules'. I wear what I like the look of. Rules are meant to be broken. x x

  3. I say rules are made for breaking, and all those 'style rules' directed at fat people are ridiculous! Everybody looks amazing in colour, and I, a fat girl, love to wear it! Great dresses. I especially love the 1st and 4th x


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