2 April 2013

The Winter/Spring Outfit

Given the weather over the past few years, I think that we need to create a new season for clothing.  Winter/Spring.  Clothes warm enough to keep away the chills whilst still dressing in a Spring style.

When I looked out of my curtains this morning I was greeted by beautiful bright blue skies, daffodils growing in the garden and frost on the pavement.  What’s a girl to do?

Well today I went for my ever faithful Billie & Blossom  +Dorothy Perkins dress with flower print, purple tights from @EvansClothing which I swear would survive a nuclear war, my new glorious Hush Puppy shoes, hat, scarf (unknown) and my new leather jacket from @So_Fab_Clothing

(From an old post, forgot to take a new photo!)

How do you work the Winter/Spring look?


  1. Pretty shoes! I love those tights as well, such a lovely shade. x x

  2. I have the same shoes in a blush colour too, love them! X


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