5 March 2013

Wardrobe Staples

There are a few things that every girl should have in her wardrobe.  One of them is a biker jacket.

A biker jacket is one of those items that I have always meant to buy, but have never gotten around to purchasing.  They are just as perfect with jeans as they are with a pretty dress.

After reading MrsBeBe's post today which showed her styling of a biker jacket with a floaty dress, I have decided to have a look around and have picked out my favourites with a view to hopefully buying one soon.

Image from Asos Curve

I love the zip detailing to the wrists and the quilt trim to the this jacket.  It can be found here

Image from So Fabulous at Very
Currently £34.00
 I like the simple styling on this jacket.  It has a quilted look to the shoulders but generally it allows your clothing to make the statement whilst providing a stylish finish.

Image from Yours Clothing
This jacket is very on trend at the moment with the studding detail to the shoulders and the side buckles.
So those are my favourite biker jackets available at the moment.  Now I just need to decide which one is right for me and get saving!


  1. Replies
    1. My favourite seems to be changing every day!

  2. Love them all! I love biker jackets, but I still haven't found the perfect one for me yet. I want one for over dresses, too.

    1. I can't believe I have never bought one, just always seemed to be something else I needed to buy!

  3. Ahh i brought my first biker jacket in December from Zara and can honestly say probably wear it most days. They really keep you warm too :) Great blog! xxx

    P.s your newest follower

    1. Hi Melanie, thanks for the comment! I have also followed your blog x

  4. I want the Yours one so badly. *sigh* L♥VE


    1. I ended up buying the So Fabulous one from Very. It came this morning and it's lovely :)

  5. I love them all, my jacket similar t these was from newlook xx

    ide love if you checked my blog out x 1stepclosereveryday.blogspot.com


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