27 March 2013

Wishlist - Shoes for the Summer

There are a few words that you could say to me to bring an instant smile to my face.  Formula One, Bagpuss, Adam Levine, shoes.....

Every woman loves shoes, I think it may be part of our DNA.  When buying shoes for the summer I try to look for pairs that will go with multiple outfits and also can carry you through from day to evening for those Summer's days outs.

Here are my favourites:

1.  Sporty Black Wedges £36.00
Wedges and not too high, ideal to take you from shorts to a maxi dress
2.  Leopard Print Lace-Ups  £24.00
Comfortable and with a cool print to add a pop of colour to your day time outfit
3.  Tan Block Heels £40.00
Ideal shoe to go with most evening dresses from short to maxi
4.  Espadrille Sandals £25.00
If you have had a long day sightseeing, these lovelies will still look good with a dress at the end of the day
5. Sparkle Ballerinas £28.00
What girl doesn't need a pair of ballerinas?

So those are my favourite shoes for the Summer season, what are yours?

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  1. Number 2 and 5 in size 7 please, thanks. ;-)

    Love your choices. :-)


    1. My problem is that I NEED all of them lol Especially in love with the leopard print pumps and tan block heels though. x


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