1 March 2013

The People on the Bus

I get the bus to and from work every day.  You tend to get the same people getting on and off and I like to play a game with myself of guessing what kind of person they are purely by observations.

There is the woman with two devil children who run up and down the bus, standing on the side seating trying to balance whilst the bus hurtles along the road.  She says nothing and the bus driver has to ask them to sit down. 

There is the little old lady who always smiles at me when I get on the bus.  She is 80 if she is a day, but she is always perfectly turned out and has a ready smile for everyone.  I don’t know where she goes to three times a week, but she always seems happy to go there!

There is one passenger who gets on every day though who freaks me out a little.  If you were told to picture a serial killer in your head, he would be what I saw in my mind.  I can’t put my finger what exactly it is about him.  Typically though, he gets off at the same stop at me.

He is an ordinary man to look at, in his 40’s I’d say, but he has this gaze when he looks at you that just seems off.  His fingernails are way too long and he likes to tap them against the rail. 

He also has a quirk where he waits for someone to press the stop button, and then he practically runs to the front of the bus, then turns around and stares at the person behind.  It is quite disconcerting if you are that person.

If someone gets to the front before him, he tries to stand as close as possible to them and puts his hand above theirs.

He is probably a normal guy but I’ve observed his quirks for too long now and I always think “serial killer” when I see him. 

Who knows what people think of me when they observe me on the bus.  Why is she staring at all the other passengers probably!
Photo from Maritime Catholic - Crazy People on Bus

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