1 June 2017

Summer Party Days

As we edge into summer and even get to experience a little sunshine and heat, people's minds turn to having fun in the sun. One of the main ways of doing this, in this fair isle is to throw an unforgettable summer bash. But before you invited all the neighbours over, you need to make sure you sure home and garden are summer party ready. Read on to find out how.
Get that garden looking nice
Now, most summer parties will at least hope to take place outside. British weather permitting! That means there is no hiding the state of your garden!
You don't have to give it an all-out makeover though, a little facelift will suffice. Pay attention to thing like the grass mowing, and repair any patches. As well as tidying up the flower beds and any overhanging trees. So your garden will look its best when company comes calling.
Tidy up the house
As much as you need to make sure that your garden looks nice you can't ignore your house either. You may hope to keep everyone outside, but the chances are that they will defend their way indoor at some point. Either to escape from the rain or to use the faculties.
That means your home needs to be clean and tidy too, so don't forget to dust, Hoover, and pack away any clutter to give the best impression to our guests possible.

It is also important that while you are tidying the garden and the house that you check on the seating situation. Make sure that you have enough seats for everyone that you have invited, and that you don't mind them being taken outside if it's an outdoor do.

Or, if you rather not have your antique Chippendale on the lawn, invest in some plastic garden chairs for the occasion.
Cutlery and Crockery
One thing that it can be easy to forget when you are hosting a summer bash is that you need enough cutlery and crockery for all of the guests you are inviting.
Now, if you are hosting a larger soiree, it is best to use disposable cups and plates. As this make things easier, and you aren't left with a load of washing up afterward.
However, if you are planning a more intimate dinner party like affair, it's best to go for quality glassware and crockery, like the items available at homewares nz. As no one wants to have to eat their Foie Gras from a paper plate!


Of course, one of the most popular items to eat at a British summer party is a BBQ. British BBQers are a hardy bunch as they often don't let a silly little thing like weather get in their way.

Now it does helps if you are going to BBQ cone rain or shine to have a grill with a cover. Then you can be sure that your food will still cook properly even if the weather is against you.
Then there's the option of a more refined and delicate afternoon tea. With cucumber finger sandwiches, scones jam, and cream.

The advantages to catering your party like this is that it can be all prepared beforehand, and then just set out nearer the time. Meaning it's a lot easier for you on the day of the event.

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