12 June 2017

It's All in the Present

Giving gifts can be really hard, especially when you’re buying for someone fussy or someone who doesn’t know what they want. It’s even harder when you’re buying for someone who has everything! You might have already read this guide to buying gifts - but check it out if you’re struggling.

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However, there’s a few ways you can make even the most mundane gift seem special. Because, let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Sometimes people don’t want fancy gifts like jewellery. Sometimes, they just want practical, useful gifts they can use every day - and you can find some ideas on BuzzFeed. Dads and brothers asking for socks? Mums just wanting a nice new diary? They’re good gifts, and are obviously well appreciated and used. But they just don’t seem that special. So, when you’re faced with a tough gift giving situation, here are some tips you can use to make any present exciting.

Go for the personal touch

You can’t always give someone a really heartfelt, personal gift. If you had the time, talent and money, then you might be able to spend weeks or even months crafting a delightful present. But sadly, there are few of us that can do that. But there’s a way around this. If you’re buying someone something practical or useful, but not necessarily special, why not add some personalisation? It’s a really lovely way to mark something out as especially for that person. It turns a normal, practical present into something more special. And it shows that you’ve spent more time on their special day than simply ordering something online. There’s no limit to what you can personalise - check out sites like Giftsin24 for proof of that!

Choose the premium, high quality option

If the person you’re buying for has told you exactly what they want, then why not step it up a gear? Instead of buying a brand’s standard set of socks, why not look for the premium collection? Don’t just buy a boring diary - buy one with a gorgeous finish, embossed letters and thick paper. Even when you’re buying practical presents, you can still have fun. Shop around and see what gems you can find. It can sometimes be easier to buy gifts when you know exactly what you’re looking for! And buying premium gifts doesn’t always mean spending premium prices. This blog has some nifty hints and tricks to help you save money when buying from expensive, designer brands.

Spend time on gift wrapping and presentation

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So, you’ve settled for those bamboo wool socks with the personalised monogram on the side? Perfect. Now, to give it that extra special touch, concentrate on the wrapping. None of us admit it, but part of the fun of both giving and receiving gifts is the moment before you open it. If you’re unwrapping thick gift paper and undoing soft, satin ribbon, you’re going to be even more excited by the time you get to your gift. Plus, it shows that you’ve made an effort through the whole process - from thinking up the idea, to handing the gift over. Not bad for a pair of socks, eh! If you need a helping hand with where to start, read this guide from Happiness is Homemade.

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